Introducing TableEdit for OS X - A Mac-like Spreadsheet

May 4, 2016 in Software (E)

[] Sliema, Malta - The CoreCode team is thrilled to announce TableEdit, a simple, clean & elegant spreadsheet application designed specifically for OS X. TableEdit is packed with convenient features like charts and exhaustive cell styling & formatting options as well as comprehensive import & export capabilities. TableEdit features a world-class excel-compatible formula system that has been tested on more than a million formulae from over 20.000 real-world excel-files. TableEdit is built exclusively for OS X and takes full advantage of its latest features and technologies, making TableEdit fast, intuitive, and simple for anyone to use.

"Nearly 3 years of development work went into the release of TableEdit," said Samuel Vimes, marketing director at CoreCode. "Our team has created the perfect spreadsheet for the rest of us. Existing spreadsheets have either been cumbersome and complicated or have been designed for other platforms and therefore integrate poorly on the Mac. This has been our inspiration - TableEdit launches faster, is less distracting and has enough features for most tasks. Just like Apple's 'TextEdit' for simple text, TableEdit really should come pre-installed with the system."

* Intuitive UI: TableEdit has been designed from the ground up to be a simple and fast but convenient spreadsheet. Navigating and selecting works just as expected in a Mac-native app, with keyboard shortcuts and modifier keys having their expected, standard meaning. The defining element of the interface is the toolbar which gives access to the most commonly used options as well as the 'main cell editor'. The main cell editor always displays cell contents unmodified by formatting options or formulae results. The main cell editor also provides easy access for inserting common function-calculations of the currently selected cells.

* Cell Styling: You can easily select background colors and define the cell border options. There are also exhaustive text setting including color, font and alignment. Alternating row background colors are also supported on a global or per-spreadsheet basis. All these options can be conveniently accessed directly from the toolbar.

* Cell Formatting: TableEdit has many options for controlling how cell content should be displayed in the table. You can opt for customizable date and time formats. Even more options are available for number display - you can control the number of digits, separator, choose scientific or currency display. Or you can go all the way and use the freeform "custom" representation for numbers.

* Functions / Formulae: Our world class excel-compatible formula implementation has been tested on over a million formulae and works with the most complex imaginable formulae. In the formula-system there is support for more than hundred of the most-used excel functions. In many cases you can just import a excel file and the formulae will carry over and work as expected.

* Charts / Graphs: TableEdit supports different charts and graphs to visualize your data. You can currently select from pie-charts, bar-charts and line-graphs and define colors, styles and various options. You can move charts freely around your document and export them directly to PDF.

* Import & Export: You can either import CSV and Excel files quickly via drag&drop or use the Import-panel to select more options like the separator or encoding. Exporting to Excel (classic or XML) is also just a mouse click away.

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.8 or later

Pricing and Availability:
TableEdit is currently free of charge and available on our website as well as through the Mac App Store.

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