BookMacster, Synkmark, Markster 2.2 now make bookmarks secure and clean

June 1, 2016 in Utility (E)

[] San Jose, California - Sheep Systems has published version 2.2 of bookmarks management applications BookMacster, Synkmark and Markster. This version adds three new features: Upgrade Insecure Bookmarks, Remove URL Cruft, and Find/Replace Text. Also, Version 2.2 is needed for users to continue syncing with Firefox 47, which Mozilla has slated to roll out on June 7.

Upgrade Insecure Bookmarks. Many websites are now secured with SSL certificates, but people are still using the old "http" protocol instead of https. The new "Upgrade Insecure Bookmarks" command visits all of a user's http bookmarks, trying https instead of http. Those whose pages load successfully are permanently changed to https.

Replace URL Cruft. URLs linked on the internet sometimes contain extra key/value pairs in the query portion which are not necessary to load the page. They may be there, for example, to tell the site operator where the visitor is coming from. The new "Remove URL Cruft" command in Version 2.2 empowers users to define such undesired keys, using regular expressions if desired, search for the cruft defined by these keys, display the cruft, and then delete the selected cruft.

Find/Replace Text. Also in Version 2.2, the Find command has been upgraded to Find/Replace Text. It can operate on any text attribute of bookmarks or folders: Name, URL, Shortcut or Comments. In addition, it now supports Regular Expression matching.

Sheep Systems has published a two-minute video which demonstrates these three new features.

Included in the Version 2.2 package is Version 329 of Sheep Systems Sync Extension for Firefox. Extension Version 329 will be necessary for users who are syncing with Firefox to continue to do so with Firefox 47. Mozilla is scheduled to begin rolling out Firefox 47 to users on June 7. Current users who are syncing with Firefox will be prompted to install Extension Version 329 the first time that they launch Version 2.2 of BookMacster or Synkmark.

System Requirements:
BookMacster, Synkmark and Markster Version 2.2 require OS X 10.10 or later.

Pricing and Availability:
BookMacster, priced at $22.95 USD, is the do-it-all application for web browser bookmarks management in OS X. In addition to the new features released today, BookMacster can Sort (alphabetize), Verify, Consolidate Folders, Normalize URLs, and aid manual management (that is, finding and moving stuff around) with a full-featured user interface. When configured for Syncing, its Agent watches for web browser bookmarks changes in the background and syncs changes to other browsers. BookMacster can also be configured for Direct Bookmarking, providing a menu extra, keyboard shortcut, and/or button or menu items in Chrome and/or Firefox. These controls empower the user to add bookmarks from browsers to BookMacster directly, and visit bookmarks from BookMacster directly. Some users configure BookMacster for both Syncing and Direct Bookmarking.

Synkmark and Markster, each priced at $16.95 USD, are simplified builds of BookMacster which are each focused on one specific use case. They thus offer simpler configuration for non-power users. Synkmark is focused on Syncing among Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. Markster is focused on Direct Bookmarking.

Located in San Jose, California, Sheep Systems is the solo operation of developer Jerry Krinock. Sheep Systems develops and supports bookmarks manager apps for OS X, beginning with Bookdog in 2005. Bookdog was replaced with BookMacster in 2010, and in April 2014 BookMacster was joined by Synkmark, Markster and Smarky. Copyright (C) 2016 Sheep Systems. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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