MacBreakZ 4.5 prevents postural problems, eye-strain and headaches

September 4, 2007 in Software (E)

[] MacBreakZ is a sophisticated Personal Ergonomic Assistant designed to promote healthy and productive computer use. It uses a sophisticated activity monitor to minimize disruptions by ensuring that the user's activity level justifies a stretch, rest or micro-break.

While this is optimal for preventing mouse and keyboard-related repetitive strain injuries without reducing short term productivity, individuals who are more concerned about postural problems, eye-strain or headaches, can benefit from a more regular stretch break schedule.

MacBreakZ has long acknowledged that each person is unique and requires individualized ergonomic assistance, but in past releases individuals who make very sparse use of their input devices could go for long periods without any stretch breaks being triggered.

For these individuals, version 4.5 allows some of the activity monitor features designed to minimize "unnecessary" rest breaks to be switched off.

System Requirements:

* Mac OS X 10.4 or later
* Universal Binary
* 5 MB of hard disk space

Pricing and Availability:

* Single user licenses for MacBreakZ may be purchased for $29.95.
* Small Business, Family, Business and Enterprise licenses are also available. was founded by Frank Reiff in 1996 with the aim of producing affordable best-of-breed software for the Macintosh. In the past decade, our A Better Finder series of file utilities and our MacBreakZ personal ergonomic assistant have become familiar fixtures of the Macintosh community. is also active in the Windows software market.


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