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October 16, 2009 in Financial (F)

[prMac.com] New Port Beach, California - QuickBooks hosting is an effective solution for small and medium business as well as CPAs, if the cost of IT support as well as setting a local IT network for financial management is to be minimized or the financial data is to be secured more effectively. QuickBooks hosting services is also an option if the small and medium business wants to host the entire QuickBooks program as well as the company database to be hosted on third party application service provider to have better performance in terms of speed, security or ease of access and effective multi-user collaboration.

When QuickBooks hosting is the right solution for the Small business?

QuickBooks Hosting can be considered if:

* The business or the CPA consultant do not want to invest in upfront costs involved with establishment of local IT network, as this may be incommensurate with the budget of Small and medium business

* Technical support costs, data recovery solutions and data backup cost can constitute huge cost as well.

* Alternatively, same range of services and, in fact more effective, is possible with QuickBooks Hosting on terminal servers on monthly fees.

* The local network may not be secure from the point of accessing valuable financial data or the data recovery option does not exist at the local network level.

* Company wants to focus on its core competency to build competitive advantage and not involved with the day to day management of the bookkeeping software and associated IT requirements.

* The company wants users to access the QuickBooks program files from anywhere, as well as collaborate and coordinate with others such as consultant and staff in real time.

QuickBooks Hosting: for better financial management. QuickBooks hosting is the right option if the benefits of cloud computing technologies are to be realized in case of accounting and financial management. QuickBooks Hosting service offers the following superior solutions:

* Always on access: Anytime, always on access to all QuickBooks files from any online connection. The QuickBooks program as well as the company files are installed and run on latest terminal servers so that the performance in terms of access speed as well as uptime is high.

* Data backup solutions: QuickBooks Hosting service comes with dual backup of all data in multiple data centers and secured with latest firewalls and password protected access. Consequently the data is more secure than the local network.

* IT support: The IT support costs are greatly minimized as QuickBooks Hosting Service comes with 24x7x365 IT support help desk. Since the support is provided by most experienced and certified technical experts, to have the similar support staff locally, would have been at a great cost to the small and medium business.

* Add-ons: Add-ons are an important source to add more functionality to the QuickBooks program which makes QuickBooks usage more suitable for specific industries. All add-ons can be hosted on terminal servers. QuickBooks hosting insures that all QuickBooks files are effectively accessed by the Add-ons software and used for industry specific needs.

* Automatic upgrades: All upgrades issued by Intuit are automatically incorporated in the QuickBooks editions hosted at the terminals servers. This ensures that the user is having access to the latest features of the QuickBooks program.

Why QuickBooks Hosting for CPAs?

CPAs benefit from QuickBooks Hosting service if:

* The CPAs are using different editions of QuickBooks software than their clients or their clients are using multiple versions of QuickBooks program. Hosting allows better interoperability between all the editions and versions.

* A large number of Add-ons are used by the clients of CPAs. With QuickBooks hosting service add-ons management is quite easy.

* CPAs find that remote access to client files may be more productive as it may save both time and transportation cost.

* Help CPAs use some outsourced manpower at low cost which is easily possible by the real time multiuser remote collaboration with QuickBooks Hosting service.

Do QuickBooks Hosting supports all QuickBooks editions?

QuickBooks Hosting is possible for all QuickBooks editions such as QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Industry Specific versions as well as QuickBooks 2010. QuickBooks hosting allow better collaboration between consultant and client. For example, if the CPA is using Enterprise accountant version, the clients can be hosted with not only Accountant version but any Industry Specific Versions of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions such as Contractor, Manufacturing and Wholesale, Retail editions etc., for which they hold licenses.

What about the user control of data as regards QuickBooks Hosting?

The end user has complete control of the financial data. Though, automatic backup is provided the user can have all their data backed up locally as well as well as print them. Also QuickBooks hosting service do not require a long term commitment. Also, discontinuation of the service does not lead to any data hangover on the part of user. Choosing the right QuickBooks Hosting service provider. There are some points that must be looked into before going for QuickBooks Hosting services

*A QuickBooks hosting ASP should be judged by their track record and not the high prices charged. The prices should be in the range of $30-35/month/user, the standard prices for cloud computing services.

*Judge QuickBooks hosting ASP by the support they provide. 24X7X365 support is must and uptime should be around 99.7-99.9 percent.

* The range of add ons supported, must be comprehensive.

* Lastly, judge QuickBooks hosting ASP by the range of hosting service provided by them. Financial management for small and medium business is more comprehensive if QuickBooks Hosting ASP also provides tax software hosting, remote IT support; managed IT infrastructure and several of other applications it makes more sense to have their service as the business has to deal with only one service provider. For example Lacerte tax software has feature of using data imported from QuickBooks. This feature can be used more beneficially if both Lacerte and QuickBooks Hosting are on same terminal service provider.

*For hosting QuickBooks, user should have a licensed copy of the program from Intuit. Some QuickBooks Hosting ASPs claim that they are certified by Intuit. But the fact is that Intuit does have some certified partners but at the same time it does not recommend any particular ASP for offering QuickBooks Hosting service. Neither does it restrict other ASPs to provide these services. So, Price does matter and go for an ASP which charges in the range of $30-35/user

What are the estimated benefits, in terms of cost saving that may be implemented with respect to QuickBooks hosting service?

Cloud computing involving services such as QuickBooks hosting on an ASP is definitely a cost saving exercise. Though estimates are not available specifically with regards to QuickBooks hosting, marketing research firms' have noted that the cost saving for small business can be as high as 50 % of their IT infrastructure investment. Major saving component constitutes of reduction in IT support service cost as well reduced IT infrastructure establishment cost and their maintenance. Another major benefit for small business with regards to QuickBooks hosting is that they are spared of one time upfront IT investment and instead have to pay monthly fees to avail these services.

Secondly, more number of Applications are hosted greater is the corresponding benefit. For example a small business can go for QuickBooks hosting as well as host other applications such as Lacerte, MyOb, Peachtree, and Proseries etc and further save costs.

Real Time Data Services specializing in tax application and software products. Real Time Data Services provides QuickBooks Hosting, Tax Application Hosting, such as Proseries, Lacerte, Ultratax, ATX etc as well as Managed IT Infrastructure services for small and medium businesses As well as remote desktop support as well as Myob Hosting and Peachtree Hosting.


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