CAZE announces its first Ultra Thin Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7

October 24, 2016 in Bags and Cases (E)

[] Hong Kong - CAZE today is proud to announce its first ultra thin glass screen protector, the Glazz Pro for iPhone 7/7 Plus. Glazz Pro is made from chemically reinforced glass with an anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating and anti-shatter film. With thickness of 0.21mm, it is currently the world's thinnest glass screen protector for iPhone 7/7 Plus available in the market. Glazz PRO has a hardness of 9H, extremely strong and durable. The rounded edges design offers comfort in the hand while retaining the original touchscreen experience.

Glazz Pro is currently the thinnest glass screen protector in the market! The glass has been designed to have a thickness of 0.21mm which adds minimal bulk to your iPhone 7/7 Plus. Material used for the production of Glazz Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector meets a hardness standard of 9H, enough to prevent scratches from knives and keys. The Glazz Pro is a unique glass screen protector in that it is specially designed with smooth and rounded edges to enhance the usability of the screen guard and maintain the original touchscreen experience.

Glazz Pro Screen Protector for iPhone 7/7 Plus has an anti-oil coating just like an iPhone screen so it resists finger prints, smudges and other particulates resulting in a surface that is easy-to-clean and maintains a cleaner surface longer than untreated glass. Combine the hardness of the glass with the smudge protection of the coating, and it acts as a second screen on your iPhone that you can change anytime you want at a very low cost. And, the finish using tempered glass ensures comfort and retain the sensitivity of the screen.

Glazz Pro Tempered Glass iPhone 7/7 Plus Screen Protector comes with a repeatable installation process, which is a good-to-go feature when you want to leave no signs of installation or residue on the device screen. As this is a premium glass screen protector and not a film, it is easy to apply and does not bubble at all on application. In addition, removal is as easy as those traditional plastic screen protectors.

Designed specifically for the Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus, the Glazz Pro Glass Screen Protector offers a perfect fit for your device. Complement your iPhone 7 screen from two colors: Black or White. Included in the CAZE Glazz box is the protector itself, an applicator squeegee, alcohol swap for cleaning, and a dust removal sticker.

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