Gridsutra revolutionises Apple Mac windows management

November 22, 2016 in Utility (E)

[] Clayton, New Jersey - Macubes today is proud to announce the release of Gridsutra 1.0, a new application developed specifically to help Mac users boost their productivity and save time. Gridsutra is a feature-rich tool that allows users to work in different windows at the same time - quickly and effortlessly. Already attracting top reviews, it re-sizes and arranges windows using multiple layout options that can be predefined by users - making windows management a breeze.

Gridsutra boasts a minimalist status bar menu. It includes a Launcher panel that delivers multiple layout profiles at the stoke of a key. Shortcut keys can be assigned from the menu, making the activation of preset layout profiles super easy. For those who prefer to use a mouse, Gridsutra allows windows to be arranged in just three clicks.

A spokesman for Macubes said: "Arranging windows manually is both time-consuming and laborious. Thanks to Gridsutra, Apple Mac users can now work in different windows at the same time using layout profiles predefined by them. They can change the size of a window and even move its position on the screen without having to waste time."

Taking a customized approach to windows management, Gridsutra is a must-have tool for all Apple Mac users. It can be used as soon as it is downloaded and customised to meet the user's specific needs. A completely new experience in windows management, Gridsutra is the cost-effective, practical answer to time-consuming windows layout administration. A video tutorial helps users make the most of the application's functions. It is automatically played when Gridsutra is first launched and can be replayed. Gridsutra 1.0, published by Jack and The Monk, is available to download now. Want to know more? Visit Gridsutra online or contact Nandu Soosan for more information.

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