Baccus - A new flexible, fast and efficient backup App for your Mac

February 2, 2017 in Networks and FTP (E)

[] Wellington, New Zealand - Factorial is proud to announce the release of Baccus 1.0, a new flexible, fast and efficient backup App for your Mac. Baccus makes it easy to backup your home folder to multiple backup devices including external drives and NAS. Once configured, simply connect your external drive or connect to your network, and Baccus will start backing up your files. Baccus will even automatically mount your NAS shares!

Baccus features a modern and easy-to-use interface that simplifies management of all your backups. You can configure multiple sources and destinations simply using drag and drop. Baccus will detect and remember connections to your network shares. You can easily exclude items from your backups to avoid backing up private or unwanted data to certain destinations.

Each backup can be configured with its own schedule and backups are intelligently triggered when your backup destinations are available to ensure you data is safe as quickly as possible. Baccus will show you the progress and status of your backups in a convenient Menu Extra. At any point it time you can access the full interface from the Menu Extra and change the configuration or review the backup logs.

Baccus also includes the ability to search all your available destinations for backed up versions of a file, and restore with one click. In addition, all files can be easily restored outside of Baccus simply by browsing the destination folder structure in Finder.

Baccus uses its own high-performance sync engine, built to take full advantage of your storage to ensure a quick and efficient backup. Baccus outperforms Time Machine by more than 15x when using an external SSD, and is more than 30% faster using NAS or a single spinning hard disk drive.

* Backup your home folder or other folders to multiple destinations automatically
* Supports excluding folders from your backup
* Supports backup to external hard disk drives or network shares
* Built-in scheduling and automatic detection of available destinations and mounting/unmounting
* Built-in archiving of changed or deleted files
* Easily search all available destinations for backed up versions of a file and restore
* Supported File Systems: AFP, SMB, HFS , FAT, ACFS/Xsan/StorNext

System Requirements
* macOS 10.10 or later
* External drive or NAS

Pricing and Availability:
Single licenses are available for $19.99 (USD). A free time limited trial is available via the Baccus website online. For more information, please contact Thomas Bauer.

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