Before Dawn Solutions acquires Caboodle personal snippet manager

May 15, 2017 in Announcements (E)

[] Highlands Ranch, Colorado - Dejal Systems and Before Dawn Solutions would like to announce the acquisition of Caboodle by Before Dawn Solutions, effective immediately. In addition to this announcement BDS has completed a major rewrite of Caboodle to support modern operating systems and be the platform on which we will build future Caboodle enhancements.

"Caboodle is an amazing application that we are very happy to add to our suite of applications, and as the start of our line of productivity applications," said John Martyniak, CEO of Before Dawn Solutions.

"I haven't had the time to give Caboodle the attention it deserves in recent years," says David Sinclair, owner of Dejal, "so I wanted to find a better home for it, with a developer devoted to enhancing the app. John is that developer. I'm confident that Caboodle customers will be pleased with the enhancements in version 2 and beyond."

With this announcement we are announcing the availability of Caboodle 2.0, which is a complete rewrite of the Caboodle code base, including the ability to support multiple Snippet databases. This is a paid upgrade, the first in Caboodle's history.

Main Features:
* Supports structured and free form data together
* Every entry has an icon, and subject, and can have custom meta data
* Parent, sibling and child relationships between data
* Searchable both in Caboodle and with Spotlight.
* Flexible custom fields
* Flexible styling
* Encrypt entries
* Import/export - in multiple formats, PDF, Text, RTF, Web Archive, and more
* Share via social networks
* Modernized appearance
* Better document format, handles large documents better

About Dejal Systems:
Founded by David Sinclair in 1991, Dejal Systems, LLC was originally established in New Zealand, and later moved to Portland, Oregon in 2001. With a focus on the macOS and iOS platforms, Dejal specializes in user-friendly and flexible utility software.

Pricing and Availability:
Caboodle 2.0 is available immediately with a retail price of $19.99 (USD), $12.99 upgrade price for existing users. For more information, please contact John Martyniak.

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