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June 8, 2017 in Announcements (E)

[] Berlin, Germany - Five months after the successful launch of the beta version, Combin team releases an updated version, that was improved according to the ideas and suggestions received from the users. The interface has also been redesigned and now is more simple and user-friendly. Combin has been created to make Instagram SEOs work easier; it provides all the needed functionality for growing the audience organically. The application works in accordance with Instagram policy - no bots, networks of fake accounts, or other forbidden followers gaining techniques that may lead to Instagram account's being banned. Combin users get a reliable tool for the safe growth of the audience and management of their Instagram accounts.

Main features:
The highlight of the platform is a powerful search functionality. The user may perform a geo-targeting based search by locations of commercial objects, hashtags, and by a combination of the activities. Such an advanced search helps finding the most relevant posts and accounts for user. Combin saves time from manual work by automating such actions as search results refreshing, as well as lets organizing followers, likes and comments to user's convenience with its filtering and sorting abilities. Search filters allow hiding posts that have already been commented or liked by user. Post preview function protects against leaving out of place comments that may give a spammy look to user's account.

Pricing and Compatibility:
Combin is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. There are three pricing plans suitable for all clientele, from individuals to competent Instagram businesses:

* Free - Ability to add 1 IG account, receive up to 50 search results.
* Personal - 10 USD per month - 1 IG account, 500 search results with automatic update.
* Business - 30 USD per month - Up to 5 IG accounts, 500 of search results with automatic update.

Upcoming functionality implementation:
The Combin development team is planning to further develop the product and introduce new features in the near future. The next versions of Combin will include such functionalities as statistics, direct messages and comments feeds, followers and other users lists management, and import to Excel or CRM systems. Software update notifications will automatically pop up as soon as the new version is available.

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