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October 23, 2009 in Financial (F)

[prMac.com] New Port Beach, California - QuickBooks Hosting Service is an innovative way to help small and medium business and CPAs to enhance productivity through better financial management, reduce the cost of accounting as well as minimization of IT infrastructure support costs.

QuickBooks Hosting on third party ASP is considered by small and medium business when:

* A small company finds the upfront cost involved in establishment of a local network prohibitive.
* Data security options at local network level may not be full proof.
* Data recovery solutions are non existent
* The company finds the local IT support cost to be costly or the required manpower with desirable technical skill set not available
* More flexibility desired by the company in accessing the accounting files
* Real-time collaboration with accounting consultant or own staff is desired who may not always be located within the local network.

QuickBooks Hosting is the right solution for Small business as:

* IT support cost is reduced: With QuickBooks hosting service 24x7x365 IT support help desk is free. Other IT infrastructure cost also reduced as establishment of local backup facilities as well as data recovery solutions not needed. The QuickBooks hosting service comes with dual backup of all data in multiple locations.

* Third party QuickBooks Add-ons: Add-ons are third party software which can be integrated with the QuickBooks accounting software. Add-ons enhance the functionality of QuickBooks accounting program with respect to specific industries. Add-ons can be hosted on the Terminal server and the QuickBooks Hosting service provider ensures that all the QuickBooks files are reached through the Add ons.

* Multiple editions Hosted: QuickBooks Hosting is possible for all editions and versions of QuickBooks such as QuickBooks Pro, Premier and enterprise. Further all versions of QuickBooks including QuickBooks hosting 2010 can be hosted.

* QuickBooks editions upgrade: With QuickBooks hosting service it is ensured that the clients use the QuickBooks version with latest upgrades released by Intuit with respect to that edition for which the user has a license.

Why QuickBooks hosting is the right solution for CPAs:

CPAs have to work in a very competitive environment where in they have to manage an increasing number of clients in the most optimal way possible. Their concerns may be summed up as:

* Reducing cost of accounting management per client
* Enhancing productivity through the optimized use of resources
* Security of financial data through assured data backup
* Reducing the time that is invested in meeting clients personally

QuickBooks Hosting on a third party application service provider is an effective an effective solution for this purpose as:

* QuickBooks Hosting service allows anytime anywhere access to the QuickBooks file through any online connection. Thus the CPA have the flexibility of accessing the clients file from any place and demonstrate, exchange files with the clients or instruct them through remote access. This greatly reduces the frequency of one to one meeting of the CPA with the client and hence this translates into time and transportation cost savings.

* QuickBooks hosting allows effective collaboration among various users so that different users having licensed version of the QuickBooks program can be allowed to access and work on the same QuickBooks files. CPA can also ensure that only a particular client is able to view their files and not those of other clients of the CPAs

* Managing different clients becomes easier for CPA s as they can access files of all their clients at one place through one account, making the management of clients easier.

* The CPAs can use an edition of QuickBooks different from that of a client. For example if the CPA using QuickBooks accountant version and the client is having QuickBooks enterprise accountant industry specific, data compatibility between both can be insured.

Real Time Data services, whose main focus is on improving the IT environment in which the Small and medium business functions, has its presence in the entire IT infrastructure management spectrum right form providing QuickBooks and other accounting application hosting to remote computer support, Remote IT infrastructure monitoring and management and Tax software hosting such as Lacerte, Proseries and Drake.

The QuickBooks Hosting Service compares more favorably with respect to other service providers. The Real Time Data Services QuickBooks Hosting services are available at the most affordable prices. Support help desk available 24x7x365 for the QuickBooks hosting service so that the clients are responded to immediately on any day and at any time. Dual backup of data in multiple locations. The clients have the option of local backup and printing of data as well.

Besides QuickBooks Hosting service the clients can benefit from application hosting with a single service provider. Real Time data service can host many others Accounting applications such as Peachtree, MyOb, ACT! and a large number of other Tax software such as Lacerte, Proseries and Drake. The client benefit by having all their application hosted with one service provider and that that too at the lowest cost. Additionally, more is the number of Application hosted, the greater is the discount that can be availed with Real Time Data Services application hosting services. CPAs can have free QuickBooks Hosting trial presently offered by Real Time Data Services.

Real Time Data Services (RTDS) has been providing application hosting services since 2004. We specialize in "online accounting" solutions including the hosting of dedicated Workgroup Servers, all versions of QuickBooks and all popular tax software applications.


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