Veescope Live provides professional, Real-Time Chroma Keying

September 12, 2007 in Software (E)


Los Gatos, CA - September 12, 2007 - Veescope Live provides real-time chroma keying, high and low video brightness Zebra patterns all being performed on your graphics card of your computer from a live video source.

In addition, Veescope Live works with any Quicktime video input source, such as a DV firewire stream, or a high-definition capture card. In addition, Veescope Live can display a waveform or vector scope directly on top of the video.

Veescope Live provides industry standard scopes such as, Waveform and Vector. Veescope Live overlays any scope directly on top of the video in order for you to locate problems with the video. The video underneath the scope is changed to black and white, in order to make the scope more visible.

Real-time chroma keying is performed directly on the live video source. There's no need to guess about what the final shot will look like. Any Quicktime movie can be used to fill in the background. Veescope Live can loop the movie, or pause it on a certain frame.

What's New in this version:
* Improved Chroma Key with multiple levels of transparency.
* Chroma Key spill removal (De-spiller).
* Chroma Key edge erode and blur for a more natural transition between subject and background.
* Image Flip/Flop for 35mm lens adaptors, such as the Red Rocks Micro.
* Full Screen mode via the "Apple-f" command.
* Monitor Blue channel (Blue Gun) view for calibration.
* Monitor adjustment controls Tint, Color, Brightness, and Contrast.
* HD (Rec 709) Color support in the Vectorscope.
* Vectorscope Color Bar calibration marks.
* User selectable from 16:9,4:3, or codec native aspect ratios.

Designed for maximum efficiency, Veescope Live has a clean uncluttered interface. Shooting video is stressful enough without having to fumble around multiple windows. Veescope Live puts everything into a single window. Tab views along the bottom provide fast access to Veescope Live's controls.

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger compatible
* Universal Binary for PowerPC & Intel
* 10.1 MB Hard Drive space.

Pricing and Availability:
Veescope Live 1.1 may be purchased for $100.00 USD.

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