BeeSoft Releases Universal Update to ProTA Stock Market Application

September 13, 2007 in Financial (E)


September 12, 2007 - BeeSoft announces the update of ProTA and ProTA Gold, their leading stock market charting and technical analysis software for Mac OS X. ProTA delivers professional-level market analysis to ordinary investors and short-term traders in a modern, Mac OS X user interface.

Version 3.1 is now a Universal Binary, running natively on both Intel Macs and older PowerPC Macs. On Intel Macs, ProTA and ProTA Gold 3.1 operate 2-4 times faster than previous versions. Virtually all time-consuming computational operations show a very significant speed increase. Some examples:

* Scanning a stock market database for securities meeting a user-defined criteria: 3 times faster.
* Optimizing the parameters of a user-defined Trading System: 3 times faster.
* Computing time-consuming Custom Indicators: 4 times faster.
* Opening complicated charts with many views and analyses applied: 3 times faster.

Scrolling, resizing and the general response of the program is also noticeably faster on Intel Macs.

This upgrade is free for existing customers of any OS X version of ProTA or ProTA Gold.

From the developer Jeffery Bizon: "I was surprised with the magnitude of the speed increases when compared to the previous version. Trading models and database scans complete in less than one-third the time. The speed jump is sufficiently large to open up new avenues of analysis. For example, some models I had previously considered too time-consuming have now become part of my daily analysis regimen."


* Fully automated data downloading with support for dozens of data formats
* Fast, easy point-and-click database access and management
* Object-oriented charting interface for easy customization and control
* Over 50 built-in technical indicators and line studies
* Trade tracking and automated portfolio pricing
* 100% Mac OS X

ProTA Gold:

All of ProTA's features plus:

* A comprehensive formula-building language to add your own indicators and analytics
* Trading System Modeling, buy/sell indications, P&L tracking
* Parameter Optimization
* Database Scanning
* Extensibility. Download new indicators, trading systems, database scanning ideas for free from BeeSoft or share with other ProTA Gold users.

* Minimum system requirement is any Mac running OS 10.4 or higher.

ProTA 3.0 is $129. ProTA Gold 3.0 is $299. Discounts are currently available for registered owners of the previous, Classic versions. Both programs can be evaluated in a free, fully-functional Trial Mode, but the database is limited to the Dow 30 stocks plus Apple, Inc. and the S&P 500 Index.

BeeSoft is a leading developer of stock market charting and technical analysis software, exclusively for Mac OS X. Since 1995, BeeSoft has specialized in providing ordinary users with professional-grade market analysis software.


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