Chinese spy chips? DEVONthink uses strong encryption for its sync

October 9, 2018 in Announcements (E)

[] Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - DEVONtechnologies highlights DEVONthink's ability to exchange data securely via iCloud, Dropbox, and WebDAV. All documents that are synchronized over the internet are encrypted securely before they're sent to the cloud data centers so they'll never be exposed even if the servers themselves become compromised.

"Last week Bloomberg Businessweek published an article claiming that spy chips were found on server mainboards used e.g. by Apple and Amazon." explains Eric Bohnisch-Volkmann, DEVONtechnologies' President. "This whole story might or might not be true. But it's at least conceivable. Why shouldn't any serious secret service try to bribe people at the manufacturing facilities to add something to the boards or exchange one of the chips with their own, extended variant? Would the company that ordered the devices notice in their random checks if something very tiny changed? Or that a chip that works as expected does more than it should?"

DEVONthink is DEVONtechnologies' document and information management solution for the Mac. It supports a large variety of file formats and stores them in a database enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI). Many document formats can be directly viewed and edited, PDFs annotated. Sophisticated organization tools, AI-based techniques that handle even the largest collections, and numerous integration options make DEVONthink the work environment of choice for researchers, lawyers, and educators.

With its fast, reliable, and secure synchronization users keep their data available on all their Macs and iOS devices. It encrypts the data it uploads to servers by default when the user has set an encryption key. All files are secured with strong AES 256 bit encryption before they leave the customer's Mac, iPad, or iPhone. And they're not being decrypted before they reach the other devices synchronizing the databases.

DEVONthink To Go for iPad and iPhone completes the DEVONthink ecosystem.

* Keep your data together in one place
* Scan your paper, archive your email
* Let artificial intelligence help you file your data
* Sync your data to all your devices, fast and secure
* Share your data with anyone, whether they use a Mac or PC

"We at DEVONtechnologies fully trust Apple and Amazon in their intentions," continues Eric Bohnisch-Volkmann. "They have no intrinsic interest in our or our customers' data. They sell devices, storage space, and CPU time for money, not ads. And both companies have high security standards. However, that does not mean that they couldn't get hacked, by software, by bribing their employees, or with tampered hardware. And then there are also bugs that can leak data unintentionally. That's why the synchronization built into DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go uses strong encryption for everything that's stored outside of the customer's environment."

More information:
Customers find more information about our apps on the DEVONtechnologies website. Eric Bohnisch-Volkmann also posts news, opinions, previews, and public betas in the company blog Devonian Times.

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