FontAgent 9 Adds New Tagging, Activation, Monotype and Adobe Integration

March 13, 2019 in Software (E)

[] San Jose, California - Insider Software today announced FontAgent(R) 9 for Macintosh. Built atop FontAgent's robust font rendering, searching, activation, integrity and metadata engines, the latest V9 edition adds an all-new tagging manager, nested sets, performance improvements, and more extensive support for macOS Mojave, Monotype SkyFonts, Adobe Fonts, Adobe Creative Cloud and Affinity applications.

FontAgent 9 Highlights:
* Sharable tags for categorizing and organizing fonts
* macOS Mojave, High Sierra and Sierra compatibility
* Support for Mojave's Dark Mode
* All-new, optimized font-rendering engine for faster previews
* Tight integration with Monotype SkyFonts and Adobe Fonts
* Auto-activation in Adobe CC 2019 - InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, InCopy
* Auto-activation in Affinity applications - Photo, Designer, Publisher
* Auto-activation in QuarkXPress 2018
* Group-by-tag display in the Table View
* Expanded, speedy searching of font tags and comments
* Improved font cache auto-clearing

Auto-Activation in More Applications:
FontAgent 9 significantly widens font auto-activation support, so as users open documents in supported apps, FontAgent auto-activates them in macOS. Auto-activation now works in Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and InCopy); the Affinity product suite (Designer, Photo and Publisher); and QuarkXPress 2018.

Full Support for macOS Mojave and Dark Mode:
The V9 release is compatible with Mojave (macOS 10.14) and includes new support for Dark Mode. It also takes advantage of Mojave platform functionality and APIs to optimize application performance, font activation and font rendering. V9 is also compatible with the High Sierra and Sierra releases of macOS.

Sharable and Searchable Tags:
The most visible addition to FontAgent 9 is the addition of a new tag manager that lets users tag fonts and sets to classify them by project, appearance, job numbers, client, and more. FontAgent lets users search by tag to preview, compare and activate associated fonts easily. As users share fonts with others, FontAgent 9 shares their tags as well, adding an all-new level of metadata richness to the creative process for workgroups.

Nested Sets and Subsets:
Back by popular demand, FontAgent 9 adds nested sets for organizing fonts hierarchically by client, project, foundry or style. And in V9, when users share nested sets with others, the sets' hierarchies and all their fonts are shared as well.

Monotype SkyFonts and Adobe Fonts Integration:
Fonts activated in Monotype SkyFonts and Adobe Fonts appear automatically in FontAgent and work just like all other managed fonts. The Monotype service offers access to over 11,000 industry-leading fonts and Adobe offers access to thousands of fonts as part of their Creative Cloud subscription service. Both include access to the popular Google Fonts library with over 915 font families.

Lightning-Fast Search:
The search facility in FontAgent 9 is expanded and improved to include a full spectrum of font characteristics including name, style, foundry, designer, tags, comments, ratings, and other metadata. Users can perform complex searches and save them as Smart Sets whose contents auto-update as they import new fonts into FontAgent.

Table View Improvements:
The Table View in FontAgent 9 now lets you group fonts by tag, which organizes the order of fonts in the table topically. Using tags and table groups is a fast way to easily view and manage related fonts.

Freeform Comments Manager:
FontAgent 9 lets users enter freeform comments for fonts to describe their associated projects, clients, colors, type settings and design treatments. It also lets users search those comments to find the fonts they need and to use those fonts consistently.

Automatic Font Cache Management:
V9 improves the performance of its automatic cache clearing that heads off display problems, garbled fonts, strange font substitution, printing problems and application crashes.

Code Streamlining and Modernization:
FontAgent 9 is recoded in the latest Apple platform technologies to deliver better performance, sharper rendering, faster importing, speedier searches and more platform compatibility.

Share and Sync Fonts Easily:
The Sync Edition of FontAgent continues its role as a simple, cost-effective way to standardize, share and sync fonts across teams and computers. It makes fonts instantly available through the Cloud to others without the need to define libraries, create folders, maintain a server or find an IT expert.

Cost-Effective Licensing Alternatives
A perpetual license for FontAgent 9 Standard Edition is priced at $99 (USD) per user. FontAgent 8 users can purchase V9 upgrades or opt for a FontAgent Sync subscription for $59 a year. The Sync license includes free software upgrades and support and lets you archive and share fonts with others through cloud services provided by Insider.

Free 30-Day Trials:
For more information about FontAgent 9 and Sync, visit Free 30-day trials are available for download from Insider Software online.

Founded in 1994, Insider Software makes products that streamline the creative process. With the most extensive array of font management utilities on the market, Insider has the ideal solution for every font management scenario. FontAgent is a registered trademark, and Insider, and the Insider logo are trademarks of Insider Software. Other products mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners.


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