FmPro Migrator 8.74 Improves FileMaker to LiveCode & MySQL Data Transfer

March 18, 2019 in FileMaker (E)

[] Fremont, California - .com Solutions Inc. has released FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition 8.74 as a maintenance release providing improvements to the FileMaker to LiveCode, Image Export to SQL, data transfers to MySQL and AppleScript automation. This release supports FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 - 17 on macOS and Windows. A summary of improvements in FmPro Migrator 8.74 includes:

* Fixed an issue with the LiveCode conversion project FmPro Converted Scripts.txt output file growing too large.
* Added local variables to the CreateConnectionObject handler in the LiveCode template stack.
* Fixed cosmetic issue in display of the Image Export SQL results text if 0 records were transferred. Also, added the clearing of the results text when switching tables.
* Fixed a cosmetic text label issue within the Manage Deleted Fields window.
* Updated the list of reserved words to support MySQL 8 when creating tables.
* Improved the display of Unicode error messages returned from database servers during the Get Fieldsize, Create Table and TransferData steps.
* Image Export to SQL error reports now contain the name of the table as part of the filename and the number of errors listed at the top of the report.
* Fixed an incorrect error message about 2 copies of FileMaker running on macOS due to the PSConversionHelper.xpc also running.

Pricing and Availability:
FmPro Migrator Developer Edition is priced at ($199) per developer, FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition is priced at ($599) per developer, and both versions are available immediately.

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FmPro Migrator 8.74 Improves FileMaker to LiveCode & MySQL Data Transfer Image