Lyttony 1.0 for Macintosh - A novel cure for writer's block

May 21, 2019 in Educational (E)

[] Bellingham, Washington - Independent software developer SchwanSongs Software today announces the release and immediate availability of "Lyttony" 1.0, a rather novel opening-sentence-generator for the Macintosh. It can create millions of original and thought-provoking story-openers, useful for both teachers and students in creative writing classes, authors or writing clubs needing new inspiration, or just quick ideas for daily writing practice.

Lyttony does not require the user to choose from confusing topic lists or to play 20-questions first. The user is immediately provided ready-to-use opening lines, with no restrictions on their use. They can copy them as-is into their next best-seller, or edit them to their liking.

Lyttony can send a new line every day, and create customized stories with the user's name and favorite color included in the text.

There are two extra-purchase features. Lyttony can read the text aloud in a user-chosen computerized voice. Lyttony can also be synchronized with "Global StoryTime", so users can receive the same line, at the same time, as everyone else in the world.

Main features:
* Personalized - The user can add their name, pet, favorite color, etc. and Lyttony will integrate these into its stories.

* Customized - The Preferences/Settings page lets them choose a favorite color for the story text.

* Bookmark & Rewind - Each opener has its own unique 16-character "Story-Code" which, if typed in, can instantly re-display that exact opener again, on anyone's "Lyttony" app. The user can display the list of bookmarks, and choose a prior "bookmarked" opener to re-display. This is good for bookmarking/saving and revisiting prior funny ones, or sending the code to other users so they can jump to it it too.

* Daily Dose - Lyttony can send a daily idea without even running the app. After turning on "Daily Notifications", the user can choose an hour of the day to have it delivered, and every day they will get a new story idea. They can read it in place in the notification center, or click it to have it displayed in the "Lyttony" app.

* Global-Sync - With this option turned on, every Lyttony user in the world can get the same story at the same time, no matter where they live. So if two users in different countries both choose "every hour", then their Lyttony apps will dish out identical stories together every hour. This is an extra-purchase feature.

* Read Aloud - Lyttony can either automatically or manually speak the stories out loud in any of the installed (macOS or iOS) text-to-speech voices. This is an extra-purchase feature.

* Share - Users can send their favorite openers to friends via e-mail/Facebook/chat/photos, or copy/paste them directly into their writing project.

The name "Lyttony" comes obliquely from Edward Bulwer-Lytton, a Victorian-era British novelist/playwright, who penned the infamous opening line, "It was a dark and stormy night..." and who created the quote "The pen is mightier than the sword!" Lyttony builds on the same versatile and proprietary "MakeSents(C) Engine" technology as some of SchwanSongs' prior offerings, like "Ask Fortuna" and "Pass the Phrase"

System Requirements:
Lyttony works on any Intel Macintosh running macOS X 10.10 or newer

Pricing and Availability:
Lyttony is $0.99 (USD), with the features "Read Aloud" and "Global-Sync" each priced as $0.99 in-app-purchases, and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store.

SchwanSongs is a Bellingham,WA-based DBA company run by software developer Eduard Schwan. The company creates macOS and iOS software, as well as creating original music, videos, home-roasted coffee and computer artwork, usually in combination, in order to educate and inspire. Eduard has been crafting (mostly Mac and iOS) software for over 3 decades for companies like GoPro, Intuit, Jostens Learning, Gryphon Software, etc. Copyright (C) 2019 SchwanSongs. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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