QuickHelp 3.0 for Windows and Mac OS X

September 20, 2007 in iOS Development (F)

[prMac.com] Excel Software is shipping QuickHelp 3.0 to support Windows Vista, add Universal Binary support on Mac OS X, new list formatting options, PDF book generation, plus tighter integration and control from a developer's application. QuickHelp authoring requires no programming experience or HTML knowledge. It dramatically reduces the time required to create and maintain a professional help system for any application.

QuickHelp Windows 3.0 runs as a standard user on Windows Vista or any computer with Windows 98 or later. It includes royalty-free distribution of a viewer DLL that can be included and fully controlled from an application. Help information can also be viewed independent of the application.

QuickHelp MacOSX 3.0 is a Universal Binary application that runs at native speed on any PPC or Intel based Mac OS X computer. The royalty-free viewer can present application help as a standalone application or integrated as a window within the developer's application.

QuickHelp 3.0 adds new topic formatting capabilities and more application control of the help window interface and user experience. Help topics can be formatted with fonts, colors, images, lists, tables and actions. User initiated actions may include conditional hyperlinks, show popup messages, launch applications, present web pages, play movies, run COM methods, apple events, AppleScripts or paste text into the clipboard.

Help information is stored in one platform neutral XML file. The help file can include conditional topics and text to present a customized user experience based on the computer platform or product options. The help window has an expandable table of contents, web browser like navigation, index and search capabilities.

No programming experience is required to author help. The tool automatically maintains the table of contents, index, search capabilities and link management, allowing the author to focus on the product information. The end user's presentation can be viewed at any time during the authoring process. A PDF book, complete with table of contents and index can be generated with one command.

QuickHelp Windows and QuickHelp MacOSX are $295 each or $495 for both. Each package includes a Builder application for authoring and viewing help plus viewer executables. The printed manual, PDF manual and online help provides developer information and examples. Visit the company web site for a product description, demo or secure online ordering.

Established in 1985, Excel Software provides development tools to thousands of Windows and Macintosh developers worldwide.


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