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June 1, 2020 in iAnnouncements (F)

[] Long Island, New York - Mobile app review publisher AlphaDigits has named top rated applications for May 2020. AlphaDigits names five top class mobile apps every month based on the reviews published in the website during the particular month. This website has now released the names of top rated mobile apps for the month of May.

Esploder (10/10): Nothing is as calming as the feeling of looking up in the sky at night and staring at those twinkling stars. The mystery of the universe with so many stars, planets, black holes, and all sorts of celestial phenomena has evoked our imagination since forever. Many video games have been inspired by this too. And so is the Esploder puzzle game. A unique fusion of the space genre with puzzle-solving, Esploder offers a great way of having fun.

ShazzleChat (9.5/10): When Blackberry messenger was discontinued, the world lacked a messenger app that was completely secure and free from any threats to privacy. Thanks to ShazzleChat, we now have an app that does not store any user data on their servers, which is the best way to ensure end-to-end communication without any outside threats.

Boulder Base (9/10): Tower defense games are pretty popular on Android devices. They are thrilling, require great use of grey matter, and are simply fun to play. Boulder Base is another entrant to this genre. Challenging, action-packed, and electrifying, this free-to-play game is here to stay. Although based on the same principle of defending your castle as some other games, Boulder Base has the unique elements that make it stand apart from the rest.

Spy Phone (8.5/10): As more and more activities are getting digitalized, including education, you cannot avoid giving a smartphone to your child. It is a fact that despite its numerous benefits, the potential of harm is also significant in exposing kids to unrestrained sources of information. Keeping an eye on what kind of content your child is getting exposed to may help you avoid some of that harm and protect your loved ones. Phone Tracker is an app that comes to rescue in such situations.

Contact (8/10): Keeping safe the contact information of your friends or business partners is of utmost importance. This is especially true in the context of a world growing ever digital, driven by the fourth industrial revolution. Contact is an app that allows you immense productivity in handling your contact information which you save on your phones. You can download this app for free from the Play Store. And it does not require an internet connection to function.

Joe Ellen, an Editor at AlphaDigits said, "As the current situation gets tough, more and more services, websites and apps face serious financial crunch. We can help the developers come through this situation." Developers can also contact AlphaDigits through the onsite form or mail to get their apps reviewed.

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