Introducing The FLEXCLIP

November 11, 2020 in Mobile Accessories (F)

[] Saint Petersburg, FL - Mobile technology is an ever evolving landscape in today's world where our smart phones have basically become a detached appendage for most people. However, there are still gaps to fill when it comes to the synergy that exists between our smart phones and all the other accessories we use every day. Sure, wireless earbuds are awesome! But they are one more thing to carry around and remember to charge. Maybe you can't live without your ring grip, but you also want to be able to use the magnetic phone mount in your car. These problems (and many others) are soon to be resolved with the launch of the FLEXCLIP.

The FLEXCLIP is an ultra-thin (2.4mm), two-piece clip that attaches to any smooth, clean surface via adhesive. It is designed to snap together, thus attaching any two items. For example, with the FLEXCLIP Base attached to your phone and the FLEXCLIP Tab attached to your wireless earbuds case, you can attach your earbuds to the back of your phone... which means you'll never lose them again, and if you have a compatible phone, you can wirelessly charge your earbuds from your phone while still using it. It creates a whole new level of synergy between the two products, as well as convenience for the user. Similarly, you can attach a wireless power bank and give your phone some extra juice without having to sit and wait for a charge. You can even attach to a wireless charger to keep your phone secure on the charge pad while you use your phone, similar to the new MagSafe feature provided on the latest iPhone.

The FLEXCLIP was specifically designed with the goal of increasing the convenience of wireless power transmission, but it can be used in so many additional ways. Use it in conjunction with other mobile accessories, such as grips, rings, and magnets, and all of a sudden those accessories become interchangeable so that you can use them all, rather than having to choose. Attach vapes and e-cigarettes to always have them on hand. Attach to a wallet to keep your essentials handy, or to the back of a clutch to make more room for your essentials inside. Attach to the passenger side visor of a vehicle and watch movies hands-free on road trips. Attach to the kitchen wall to watch cooking tutorials or easily access online recipes while you're cooking. Attach a variety of accessories to the back of your laptop, and keep everything accessible and easy to find at a coffee shop or during meetings. The use cases are endless!

SynergyWiz has found success pioneering new technologies in both the virtual reality and electric skateboard spaces, and is now primed to revolutionize how we use our mobile phones. As a lifelong technology enthusiast, founder and owner of SynergyWiz, John Toner, developed the idea on which the FLEXCLIP is based many years ago when he had a personal need for a built-in Bluetooth headset in mobile phones. Since then, the idea has evolved as technology has changed and progressed, but the concept is the same. Toner says, "I have always felt strongly that Bluetooth headsets and wireless earbuds should be an integral part of a phone. Reverse wireless charging provided the benefit of charging your wireless earbuds on the go, but having to use gravity to hold the phone and earbuds together is clunky at best. So we saw an opportunity to improve upon that functionality with the FLEXCLIP. Not only does it make reverse wireless charging finally make sense, but it allows any phone to attach to a wireless charger, similar to Apple's new MagSafe technology, at a small fraction of the price. The applications for the FLEXCLIP seem almost endless at this time, and we are tremendously excited to get it into customers' hands."

With the molds created and manufacturing lined up, SynergyWiz will launch the FLEXCLIP Kickstarter on November 10th, and is aiming for deliveries in time for the Holidays.

SynergyWiz, Inc., a Florida corporation in the product development business, is comprised of industry leading professionals that have worked for or with top Fortune 100 companies including General Electric, Procter and Gamble, American Express, Walmart, Target, Google, and Zynga.

Learn more about the FLEXCLIP at the TheFLEXCLIP website.

SynergyWiz is an electronics company that creates and produces technology accessories. Since 2015, we have specialized in creating synergy between products we already love and use, and the accessories we create to add value to those products. Our current product of focus is The FLEXCLIP, an ultra-thin, two-piece clip that attaches to the back of your phone via adhesive and allows you to connect and interchange a variety of phone accessories including grips, rings, wireless earbuds, power banks, wireless chargers, magnets, wallets, vapes, laptop accessories, etc. Best of all, it allows for wireless power transfer and reverse wireless charging between compatible devices for under $13. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2020 SynergyWiz. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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