FLEXCLIP Kickstarter Launches

November 23, 2020 in Mobile Accessories (F)

[prMac.com] Saint Petersburg, FL - The FLEXCLIP is an ultra-thin (2.4mm), two-piece clip that attaches to any smooth, clean, non-textured surface via adhesive. It's designed to connect the things that are most important to you and is the perfect accessory for your mobile phone.

As a thinner version of the PopSockets AirPods Holder (6.6mm thinner), the FLEXCLIP allows you to attach your wireless earbuds case to the back of your phone. However, unlike the PopSockets AirPods Holder, if you have a compatible phone, you can wirelessly charge your earbuds from the back of your phone while still using it. It creates a whole new level of synergy between your phone and wireless earbuds that the market has yet to see.

Similarly, just like ZAGG's Mophie Juice Pack Connect, you can attach a wireless power bank to your phone with the FLEXCLIP and give your phone some extra juice without having to sit and wait for a charge, but with more versatility and at a lower price point. You can even use the FLEXCLIP to attach your phone to a wireless charger to keep it secured on a wireless charging pad while you use your phone, similar to the new MagSafe feature provided on the latest iPhone, except the FLEXCLIP is compatible with all phones.

To get the full story on how the FLEXCLIP stacks up against competitor products like the ones mentioned above, watch the FLEXCLIP comparison video at the FLEXCLIP website.

The list of FLEXCLIP compatible accessories include (but are not limited to):
* Wireless earbuds
* Power banks
* Wireless chargers
* Grips/Kickstands
* Magnets
* Vapes and e-cigarettes
* Wallets / clutch purses
* Vehicles (passenger side visor, phone mounts)
* Walls (kitchen, bathroom, office)
* Laptops

The link to purchase compatible accessories can be found at the FLEXCLIP store.

With manufacturing set to begin soon, the FLEXCLIP Kickstarter is launching at 9:00 am November 10th and is aiming for deliveries in mid-December. The Kickstarter's FLEXCLIP Early Bird packages are priced at an unheard of $7. Founder and owner of SynergyWiz, John Toner, states, "We are tremendously excited to get the FLEXCLIP in as many hands as possible, and we have priced our Kickstarter accordingly. The unbound utility of the FLEXCLIP is not something the mobile market has seen before, and it is something you really have to experience firsthand to appreciate. The FLEXCLIP has so many uses, even we don't know all of them yet, and we can't wait to see what the community shows us!"

SynergyWiz, Inc., a Florida corporation in the product development business, is comprised of industry leading professionals that have worked for or with top Fortune 100 companies including General Electric, Procter and Gamble, American Express, Walmart, Target, Google, and Zynga.

Learn more about the FLEXCLIP at the FLEXCLIP website.

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