Braavo Releases Braavo Card to Help Finance Mobile App Development

December 20, 2020 in Finance (F)

[] New York, United States - Since its founding in 2015, Braavo Capital has been financing mobile gaming and app development around the world. In the last five years, the company has provided over $500 million in funding. Braavo Capital co-founders Sergei Kovalenko and Mark Loranger applied their expertise in the mobile industry to build a "bridge" between investors and app developers. Their platform brings in both venture and private capital, then allocates those resources to promising tech companies using Revenue Based Financing (RBF), a model where financing is tied directly to revenue. The platform's expertise lies in automated data analysis of each app.

When applying for funding, mobile startups and developers can input their app store accounts to qualify for funding, which takes place within minutes, and receive their funding within 2-3 days. Braavo assesses how their funding solutions can drive their app's growth efficiently.

"Our platform [realizes] the mechanism of smart financing for mobile apps, a unique digital asset, in a very effective way. Our experience in this area helped us brainstorm revolutionary solutions, which take into account the particular features of this asset and let growing mobile apps bring in more income. Startup founders can access the necessary funds to develop their mobile apps growth at the moment when they need those resources the most," explains Loranger. Decisions on how and where to allocate funds are made quickly, based on analysing various metrics. With Braavo Card available, the process will be even faster as it only takes a single click.

When using Braavo's platform, app founders and entrepreneurs can receive additional growth funds in order to develop their businesses, without having to give up equity, as they would in the case of venture capital funding. They also don't need to put up any collateral up front, as they would with a bank loan. Clients simply grant Braavo access to their app store accounts, then payments for RBF products are linked to revenue and automatically disbursed to them each month. At the moment, there are also two additional services available on the platform designed to expedite mobile app growth. They are called Accelerate and Extend and each of them has different time and loan amount limits.

Braavo Card Cash on Demand

Card holders will be able to spend their money in real time, without the usual delay from the various app stores. By taking advantage of this option, they can speed up their business growth without waiting around for payment reimbursements to their ventures to come through. As it stands, app store payments can be delayed for up to two months, which is a significant lag time in the fast-paced mobile industry. Payment via Braavo Card will be the most practical and convenient way for app developers to manage their accounts.

"Braavo Card is completely in line with our company's mission: Accelerating the growth of tech companies, while overcoming the obstacles and limitations of various funding solutions. We're helping mobile apps get ahead of the market and realize their maximum potential," Loranger said with emphasis.

How RBF compares with other types of financing
* Capital isn't diluted. Founders don't need to split their equity within their startups with investors, or bring new partners onto the board of directors.
* No demand for collateral or personal guarantees upfront. This hinders many startups at the beginning from being able to apply for bank loans without having serious assets on hand;. What's more, it also hinders many in the growth stage, as a lack of funds can hold a company's development back going forward.
* Money is raised fast. The search for venture capital investors and each successive round of fundraising can take several months, forcing founders to take time away from their daily businesses activities. Decisions can be made quickly when taking advantage of RBF Braavo,
In no small thanks to its data analysis technology.
* Flexible, regular payments. The amount that goes toward loan repayment is tied to revenue and calculated in advance as a set percentage of the company's income.
* Diverse options for loan amount and duration.

Braavo is a tech company financing app companies. It relies on data, integrations and automation to deliver performance-based funding that's customized for mobile growth. Whether you're a an early-stage app developer or a multi-million dollar mobile gaming publisher, Braavo is your partner for flexible, affordable and on-demand financing. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2020 Braavo. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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