Knights of Riddle (Video Game) Version 1.0.0 Release for iOS

February 15, 2021 in Games (E)

[] Toronto, Canada - Gimmick Free! That's the new motto of Game Scorpion Inc. an indie game company located in Canada. Releasing their latest title called Knights of Riddle, the company plans on introducing gaming that focuses on a gimmick free experience for its users. Loot crates? No thanks! Pop-up ads at every turn? Not in these games. The goal of Game Scorpion Inc. in 2021 and beyond is to focus on developing gimmick free games for players to play rather than the usual experiences that have haunted the mobile and game industry these past years providing players with a sub-par experience and costing them hundreds if not thousands of dollars in micro-transactions.

The game that Game Scorpion Inc. created is called Knights of Riddle, a fantasy adventure game along the lines of Zelda or Final Fantasy, bringing old school style hack and slash battles along with colorful graphics reminiscent of games from the past. The focus is on giving players a fun and enjoyable game to play without all the hoopla of loot crates and plethora of ads and popups bombarding their game experience. The game features quests and puzzles as well as battles and storylines for them to experience on mobile devices like Apple iOS, Google Play and Amazon as well as for PC via Steam. This is the first in a series of games in the universe of Ryina with a Third Person Shooter as well as an eSports and Visual Novel/Story style game planned for the future as part of the overall set of games.

When it comes to the games of today, spending a small amount in a game for virtual currency may seem harmless but the prices do add up. What's worse is that we hear stories of players who have spent hundreds and some into the thousands of dollars on games that provide sub-par value when for the same price players can buy the latest consoles with the top games.

Painful experiences like these are caused by larger companies using addiction mechanics to put players into a state of addiction which not only helps them make money but also can cause mental and emotional health challenges for players. It's no secret that the industry is ridden with borderline gambling grey areas such as loot crates and bad habits that make players pay for things that games should already come with, such as extra lives or a 'game skin'.

"These 'gimmicks' are hurting our industry...", says Nav Gupta, CEO of Game Scorpion Inc. who believes that his "Gimmick Free" strategy will hit home for those who are looking for an alternative to the current norm. "I hope to give players real value for their money and with this new strategy focus on in-app purchases that are useful and make sense. No more ads and no shady loot crate tactics to get players into an addiction loop. If that's what you need to sell your games, you aren't making games anymore, you're making a drug and hoping your players get high off of it so they return for more. When we played older games like Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog we had fun, went back and did our homework or had a life and then enjoyed it again. Today's games however make sure players are so addicted that they never leave the games and we hear the horror stories of those who are stuck in online games losing their real lives to addiction. Not only does it affect these players but also their families, friends and their health and finances. I hope that our new vision for games helps, whatever little it can, to change the conversation and bring an alternative to these gimmicks and hopefully put the power back into the players hands. Covid 19 and this pandemic has taught us how important it is for us as human beings to interact and take care of ourselves and each other. It's just ethical gaming and I hope more game developers join in on this initiative in the future."

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 10.0 or later
* 210 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Knights of Riddl‪e 1.0 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. For more information, please contact Abhinav Gupta.

Game Scorpion Inc. opened its doors in July of 2011. The company creates 2D/3D AR/VR apps and games for the latest platforms and devices, and currently specialize in Android and Apple iOS development as well as Windows and Mac based Video Game creation. Copyright (C) 2011-2021 Game Scorpion Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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