Used Mac M1 Reference Prices Available on Mac2Sell

May 16, 2021 in Technology (F)

[] Paris, IDF - The first quotes for Apple computers with M1 processors are now available on Mac2Sell, the independent quotation service for second-hand Apple products.

Unveiled at late 2020, the Mac mini, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with M1 processors are significantly available since March from refurbished products dealers and in classifieds services. Individuals and professionals can now refer to the Mac2Sell rating for these new products, as for all other Apple computers and peripherals, when they want to assess their value.

Mac M1: a turning point in used computer prices

The release of the M1 series, with the Mac Mini and laptop series in November 2020, and recently, the iMac, is causing a significant restructuring of the used Apple market. While people are already talking about the possible release of the M2 processor in a few weeks, we can see that the technological evolution has caused a break in second-hand transactions, with, on the one hand, very good prices for the most recent computers, with Intel i5 and i7 processors; and, on the other hand, a drop in the residual value of less performing and/or older computers.

The Mac2Sell team is watching this trend with interest to determine if the rise of the M1 in Apple's lineup will depreciate all Intel-based models quickly and significantly, or if on the opposite the scarcity of Intel-based laptops will cause a rush on second-hand models.

iMac Pro: finally, the reference price

Mac2Sell takes advantage of this major update to propose the iMac Pro's reference price. iMac Pro is a model that is probably short-lived but quite popular on the second-hand market.

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