Cisdem AppCrypt 6.2.0 Adds New Features and Improves Performance

September 5, 2021 in Utility (F)

[] Madelia, Minnesota - August 2021 is a big update month for Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac. AppCrypt version 6.0.0 was released on August 11, version 6.1.0 on August 20 and version 6.2.0 on August 25. Cisdem AppCrypt is a website blocker and app locker for Mac. Allowing users to block specific websites and lock individual apps with password, it can be used for productivity, parental control, privacy protection and more purposes. The updates add new features and greatly improve performance.

"AppCrypt is loved by our customers," said Edward Riley, Cisdem's project manager. "We are making it even more powerful with the recent updates. In addition to the already supported Chrome and Safari, AppCrypt can now block websites on Edge, Opera and more macOS browsers. There are now preset lists of categories of websites such as social media sites and video sites. Users can effortlessly block unwanted categories of websites with a click. The updates also bring new and improved user experience. Now users get more control and options. AppCrypt users can upgrade to version 6.2.0 for free! Those new to AppCrypt can get a free trial,"

What's new in August 2021 updates?
* Add support for blocking websites on Microsoft Edge, Opera and Brave
* Add preset lists of categories of websites to block with a click
* Support exporting and importing AppCrypt configuration file
* Auto relock an app after it's (unlocked and) deactivated for 3 (or custom) minutes
* Auto relock unlocked apps when you are away from your Mac for 5 (or custom) minutes
* Fix a few issues

Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac main features:
* Block specific websites and webpages with password on Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera and Brave
* Also block all websites except the ones that you allow
* Offer preset lists of common categories (video, social media, etc.) of sites to easily block with 1 click
* Lock individual apps with password
* Record failed attempts to open locked apps with date, time and photo of intruder
* Automatically relock unlocked apps after they are deactivated for several (custom) minutes
* Offer a schedule feature to block sites and lock apps at certain times
* Let you export and import AppCrypt configuration file, including configuration on site blocking and app locking
* Easy to use and hard to bypass

Price and Availability:
Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac 6.2.0 is available for download and purchase. One can buy a lifetime license for 1 Mac at $29.99 (USD) with lifetime free upgrades. Download the free trial.

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