Protection 1.5 Released - New version of Anti-Theft Software for Mac

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[] Paris, France - iDeV Softwares introduces today a new version of Protection (1.5), its anti-theft software for Mac. It helps the user recovering a computer when it's stolen, for a low price of 9.99 Euro (14$), one time.

What it does:
* Find the thief - Protection find the IP address of the thief Internet connection. Just send it to the police, and they'll be able to find the postal address of the thief.
* Just smile - Protection takes photos of the thief. So, it's easier for the police to find him back.
* Follow what's happening - Protection takes a screen capture of your Mac at a regular interval. So, the user can follow what's the thief's doing and learn more about him.
* Keep private data private - Protection hides private data, such as mails, contacts, calendars and instant messaging data.

What's new in 1.5:
* New administration console
* New installer
* Lighter Protection once installed
* Faster and easier theft declaration procedure
* Proofs recuperation faster
* Various bug fixes and enhancements

Pricing and Availability:
Protection single user license is only 9.99 Euro (14$), and a family pack (5 computers) is 29.99 Euro (44$). Educational single/volume licenses are also available. All updates are free of charge for a registered computer. Technical support and theft case following is included.

iDeV Softwares is a French startup, well known for its famous software iWebUploader, which allowed user to publish an iWeb site to FTP. Later, iDeV became more and more famous with little freewares. Protection, the ingenious anti-theft software for the Mac is the company's first shareware.