The Avid/FCP 2-Step at LAFCPUG - November 18

November 11, 2009 in User Groups (E)

[] Los Angeles, CA - The next meeting of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group (lafcpug) will be Wednesday, November 18, 2009 beginning at 6:45PM at the Gallery Theater in Hollywood California. The entire night will be devoted to the "The Avid/FCP 2-Step."

"The perception, especially among FCP users, is that Final Cut Pro is slowly but surely taking over the post production industry," said Michael Horton, founder and head of lafcpug. "While that maybe true in the "Indy" world, the reality is the Avid Media Composer is still firmly entrenched in Hollywood feature films and broadcast television. In order for you to compete in Hollywood it's important to know BOTH tools. So we will devote the entire evening to what we are calling the "Avid/FCP 2-step." This is a topic we should of done a long time ago."

Lafcpug intends to cover the major differences between the Avid MC and Final Cut Pro. In addition they intend to try and answer the following questions:

* Is it hard to learn the Avid if I know just FCP?
* Do I really need to learn the Avid?
* Is there a right tool for the job or does it matter?
* And other FAQs, time permitting.

Scheduled to be on the agenda will be legendary film and sound editor Walter Murch who will return to lafcpug to discuss "what is it like going from the Avid to FCP and back to the Avid."

"When I found out Mr. Murch was in Los Angeles editing a movie, AND editing on the Avid, I immediately wrote him and asked if he would share his experience with us," added Horton. "Walter has been editing with Final Cut Pro for several years now after having used the Avid for several years. And now he is back on the Avid. This is a great story and one that many editors in Hollywood are experiencing, or sure as heck will experience."

Murch will bring along his assistant editors, Greg Thompson and Dave Cory for an assistant editor POV.

Also on the agenda will be editor and Avid Guru Steve Cohen who will present an overview of new editorial features in Media Composer 4.0 including the transition preservation feature, advanced keyframing for visual effects, the new and improved trim mode and much more.

Editor Shane Ross will show off Avid Media Access including getting footage into the Avid MC, plus the new Mix & Match capability which allows you to combine different formats, frame rates, and resolutions all in the same timeline.

Wrapping up the evening will be another round of "Stump The Gurus" with Andrew Balis, Stephen Kanter and Shane Ross and of course, lafcpug's World famous Raffle.

lafcpug meetings are open to the public, but because of the high demand for seats, this meeting will require registration in order to attend. For complete details on this November 18 meeting as well as directions to the Gallery Theater and a link to buy tickets, visit the lafcpug web site.

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