UNIVERSE Software to launch pdf-FieldMerge for software developers

September 27, 2007 in Software (F)

[prMac.com] The pdf-FieldMerge LIB package is targeted specifically at software suppliers that wish to generate individualised PDF forms from their own software applications. Form fields may be filled with data during the merge process, data that cannot be altered afterwards, while fields in other parts of the form can be filled out or corrected manually by the user. The advantage of pdf-FieldMerge is that it produces tamper-proof documents in PDF security while supporting fields that can be filled out or corrected using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.

Apart from that, the latest version of pdf-FieldMerge supports electronic signatures in PDF forms and documents to guarantee genuine document authenticity, eliminating the possibility of forging or tampering. In take the U.S., the UK or Germany as an example, legislation has been enabled for several years to permit the use of electronic signatures as a legal form of signature. Accordingly the technology of e-signatures continues to grow and as the use expands, an ever increasing number of companies are turning to this affordable signature automation as a way to "virtually ink" all their business forms and documents.

The pdf-FieldMerge LIB software package can be integrated completely into existing software packages for fully automated software control - an ideal platform for a complete PDF-based document workflow, as PDF forms that can be filled out in combination with electronic signatures will help optimise the work process while enabling entirely paperless legal transactions, as electronic signatures carry the same legal status as handwritten signatures.

The program is available for Windows 95 and later, MacOSX and Linux. A free stand alone test version is available for download.

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