CampSoftware releases QuickCode AutoUpdate 1.0.1 for FileMaker Pro

November 18, 2009 in FileMaker (E)

[] Orlando, FL - CampSoftware today is excited to announce QuickCode AutoUpdate 1.0.1 for FileMaker. QuickCode AutoUpdate makes it simple to automatically install FileMaker Extensions from your FileMaker Server rather than having to install the Extensions manually at each workstation. A short overview video is available on the QuickCode AutoUpdate product page.

CampSoftware is excited to release QuickCode AutoUpdate as it is the first in a series of QuickCode products to be released. Our goal is to provide quality code that is extremely affordable. In four steps, that can be completed in minutes, a FileMaker Developer can add automatic installation of the FileMaker Extension that are required to be used in any FileMaker solution.

Who needs QuickCode AutoUpdate?
* In House Developers - Stop going from workstation to workstation to install your FileMaker Extensions.
* FileMaker Consultants - Make your clients happy. Don't make them manually install Extensions.
* Mac & Windows Consultants - Use QuickCode AutoUpdate as a 'Point and Click' FileMaker Extension installation tool.
* Product Developers with Server Based Solutions - Install required Extensions automatically from the FileMaker Server when clients connect.
* Product Developers with Single User Solutions - Install required Extensions automatically from the FileMaker Server as a Internet Based Service.

QuickCode AutoUpdate comes with:
* QC AutoUpdate Server - The database that runs on the FileMaker Server that does the installation of Extensions.
* QC AutoUpdate Client - Calls the 'QC AutoUpdate Server' database Script, passing a list of Extensions to be installed from FileMaker Server. Can be integrated into an existing solution or as standalone file.

4 Steps to Implement in Your Solution:
* Enable AutoUpdate in FileMaker Server
* Add your Extensions to your FileMaker Server
* Upload the 'QC AutoUpdate Server' database to your FileMaker Server
* Copy one script from 'QC AutoUpdate Client' to your solution and modify

CampSoftware is a team of FileMaker Certified Developers located in Orlando, FL USA which has been providing FileMaker consulting services since 1991. CampSoftware holds FileMaker Certifications in versions 7, 8, and 9. FileMaker Pro is a registered trademark of FileMaker, Inc.