5 years of Merlin - ProjectWizards celebrate with a big birthday event

November 20, 2009 in Announcements (F)

[prMac.com] Melle, Germany - In Melle on November 9 2009, Merlin, the most successful project management software for Mac, turned 5. What an exciting time, from the humble beginnings to a full range of products available today for project managers. Started as an internal solution for organising the consulting activities of ProjectWizards, Merlin became the leading project management software for the Mac user.

Five years in project management oriented software development and continuous product improvement are almost an eternity in information technology scales. What a great reason to celebration its success. Everyone purchasing Merlin 2.7 or another Merlin product between November 9 and December 31 2009 will automatically be entered into the big birthday event. First prize is a cruise for two people with Celebrity Cruises. A contract-free iPhone 3GS and an iPod Touch are included among others prizes.

Frank Blome, CEO of ProjectWizards: "When we decided to bring Merlin to the market there was no project management software available for the Mac or Mac users to fulfill our high standards. Ultimately, it paid off for us and our customers that we have uncompromisingly contributed our practical project management experience into Merlin's software development. With the attractive prices of the '5 years Merlin' birthday event, we do not simply want to celebrate, but also thank our customers."

Meanwhile, Merlin has grown into a complete product range for professional project management and consists of the following applications and optional modules:

Merlin 2.7
Professional, industry-leading and award-winning project management software for Mac OS. It provides as a native Mac OS X program a simple and intuitive user interface with all necessary functionality for professional project management. Merlin 2.7 costs 145 Euros.

Merlin Server
Allows you to centrally manage Merlin projects and for multiple team members to secure access to project data at any time. Possible connections over local networks, via the Web or on the iPhone. Merlin server is available for 795 Euros.

Merlin iPhone
Project management on the smartphone iPhone from Apple. Merlin iPhone allows mobile editing of Merlin project files, for example, on business or directly on customer's site. Merlin iPhone is an optional module for Merlin and costs 45 Euros.

Merlin Web
The optional module allows editing of Merlin project files via a web browser over the internet, enabling accessibility of Merlin's potential to Windows users as well. The highlight of the Web module is that most Merlin functions are available over a web browser, even for a user not having Merlin itself. Merlin Web costs 95 Euros.

ProjectWizards GmbH, founded in 2003, is a German company for strategical and operational project management. Their experience in project management lead them in 2004 to initiate Merlin's software development for the Mac. Since then Merlin has become the standard tool for project management on Mac OS X. Merlin is aimed both at novice and experienced project managers. More information about ProjectWizards and Merlin is available at their website.