Can an iPhone app help get you a job?

November 23, 2009 in Business (E)

[] San Francisco, CA - Research shows that presentation and communication skills are directly linked to career enhancement and job performance. Rexi Media has recently upgraded Presenter Pro, an iPhone app that enables you to acquire outstanding presentation skills and use them to wow customers, colleagues, bosses, or interviewers. Combining visuals, audio, and video examples with an attractive and educational approach, Presenter Pro will get you ready for your next interview.

"Just go in there and be yourself" is the advice that you typically hear from others who know you are about to get interviewed. Being yourself is not enough. You have to be your "best self". Each time you go to an interview, consider yourself a presenter - and the subject of the presentation is you. Here are several sections in the Presenter Pro that can help with your next job interview:

1. Structure: Access this section to learn how to prepare and structure any topics that you may want to address. Give special attention to creating a better beginning for your interview. Keep in mind that 70% of interviewers make up their mind in the first 3 minutes. Using the information in the Structure section, you increase your chances of creating a first favorable impression.

2. Words: Interviewers are impressed by candidates who can communicate effectively and come across as articulate and smooth. Use the Words section to learn which phrases can help you come across as confident, enthusiastic, resourceful, truthful, and eager about your career. These are characteristics that interviewers consider important for the ideal candidate.

3. Voice: Your voice is one of the most important tools you posses for engaging and inspiring interviewers. It is second only to the eyes in terms of influencing others. In this section, you learn how to develop a voice that sounds clear, strong, sincere, natural, and expressive. A good speaking voice is the product of constant practice. You can improve by completing the exercises included in this section, which are focused on volume, pitch, articulation, and emphasis.

4. Gestures: Effective gestures clarify and support your message, add dramatic interest to your ideas, and stimulate interviewer involvement. Your gestures and facial expressions are usually unconscious - they reflect your attitudes, beliefs and moods. To interview better, you need to be conscious of your own body language and understand the power and impact of your gestures. Pay extra attention to the Gestures section in the app because gestures provide 55% or more of the impact of your interview. The recommendations in this section help you to express yourself in an engaging and effective manner, and also help you stay true to your natural gestures that contribute to your uniqueness.

Presenter Pro has recently been updated with a new feature, called Rate Me. Using this feature, you can ask others to rate you during a practice presentation for your interview. Or you can rate other friends' presentations or interview preparations, save their scores, and email them later. The app also features a comprehensive quiz, which helps you test your knowledge of presentation skills. It is now under 10mb so anyone can download it without wifi and the updates are an easy process.

Use Rexi Media's Presenter Pro to help put yourself in the top 6% of candidates who do get a call back. Whether you just got hired or already have a job, you can continue using Presenter Pro to perfect your presentation skills so you can outperform.

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