GeekSuit releases easyAIM 2.0 for Digital Products

September 28, 2007 in Web Design (E)

[] Dallas, Texas - September 28, 2007 - GeekSuit is pleased to announce easyAIM 2.0, an easy to use, Authorize.Net compatible product delivery system, specifically designed for merchants who sell digital products. easyAIM is easy to set up and is one of the most economical ecommerce solutions of its kind. Through a user-friendly web based administrative area, administrators may set up their products in no time at all without doing any programming. easyAIM can be setup to work as a stand-alone e-store or it may be integrated into any existing web site.

Out-of-the-box, easyAIM was specifically developed for the creative web designer who wants complete control over the look and feel of their product delivery, with an emphasis towards easy integration into any existing CMS/Weblog. With its simplified interface to the Authorize.Net AIM payment gateway, this script allows all the control and flexibility to be in the hands of the Administrator (you) and not the PHP developer. No PHP programming knowledge required.

This makes easyAIM particularly suited for those software developers who need a one-off solution for software, serial number support, eBooks, scripts of any kind, photos, plugins, templates or any file binary that requires secure downloading after purchase. Perfect for those new to e-business or with basic e-commerce needs.

easyAIM Features:
* Easy, One-Time Configuration and Installation
* Does not require a Database
* Backward compatibility with older Authorize.Net versions
* Includes order form to get up and running in minutes
* Customize SKU Numbers and Product Descriptions
* Automatically emails customer upon approval
* Supports Authorize.Net Test Mode (useful for test transactions)
* Supports Serial Code for Software Sales, Distribution
* Secure Digital Asset Delivery

Security Features:
* CCV2 Verification (3 digit code on back of credit card)
* AVS Verification (Address Verification System)
* Automatically Records Customers IP Address
* Supports SSL Connections

System Requirements:
* Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
* PHP 4.3 or greater
* cURL 7.5 or greater (with OpenSSL support)

easyAIM is incredibly easy to install and use, and only $29.95 USD.

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