Marcus Roskosch releases Electronic Toolbox 1.0 for iPhone / iPod touch

November 24, 2009 in Productivity (E)

[] Essen Germany - Independent developer Marcus Roskosch today released Electronic Toolbox 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. Electronic Toolbox is a great application for technicians, electronic enthusiasts, students or trainees. The application comes with a huge Database of electronic devices. All functions can be used offline, without Internet connection. Rereading in books and tables or computation with the pocket calculator is unnecessary after installation of this application. Electronic Toolbox offers 12 individual programs in one.

This is an exerpt of the functions:
* Resistor colour code with reverse coding (4 and 5 rings)
* Condenser color and numbers coding with reverse coding
* Transistor data and comparative table with connection diagram (approximately 5000 types)
* IC data sheet with connectiondiagram for TTL (74...) and CMOS (40...) ICs
* Computation of condenser and resistance series, parallel and bridge connection
* Computation of coils
* Calculation of high and low-pass RC, LC and RL-filters
* Ohm's law
* Unit computation with 12 categories and altogether 100 units
* Circuit symbol list from the range digital technique, building services and electronics
* 60 different characteristic numbers e.g. of coaxial cables, batteries, leading materials etc.

The individual programs can be used consistently and very easy. Values can be entered for example with or without units (k, m, g, , p, n). The conversion takes place automatically. The result becomes, where meaningfully, equivalent in three different units indicated. Thus, it is not necessary to convert units manually or to choose the desired unit.

With circuit computations such as series, parallel, bridge connections, filter circuit or resonant circuits the corresponding diagram will be displayed. The program contains an enormous database of over 5000 transistors, ICs, diagrams and specifications. All data can be used off-line. Thus, after the installation of the program, no Internet connection is needed in order to use the program.

The determination of a resistance value or the value of a capacitor on the basis the colour rings or sequence of numbers is very simple with the mini application "Resistors" or "Capacitors".

The transistor data base contains types like BC, BD, BF, BU, 2N, 2SA, 2SC, AC, AD, AF, AU, TIP etc. By full text search transistors and their comparison types can be found. To each transistor, the characteristic data is indicated such as NPN/PNP, silicon/germanium, Ptot, Ucbo, Icmax, frequency and the comparison types. In addition, for each transistor the shape of the housing and connections are indicated with emitter, basis and collector.

The IC database contains the most usual 74er and 40's ICs including connection diagrams and description of the function (NAND gate, Schmit trigger etc.). The unit computer supports the categories pressure, energy, distance, surface, speed, weight, force, power, temperature, volume, time and bytes. Values can be converted into the most usual ones, however also exotic and foreign units are offered.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod touch 3.1 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Electronic Toolbox 1.0 is only $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

iPhone development by Marcus Roskosch. Copyright (C) 2009 Marcus Roskosch. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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