seyDoggy Celebrate 4 Years In Business With Release of GiD3OUS Theme

November 30, 2009 in Web Design (E)

[] Kitchener, Ontario Canada - RapidWeaver theme developer seyDoggy is celebrating the anniversary of their 4th year in operation with a special limited-time discount and the launch of GiD3OUS, their latest theme for RapidWeaver 4.3. This release is the culmination of months of design, planning, and exhaustive testing and the end result is a product the seyDoggy team considers to be their finest work to date.

"This is a design we've been sitting on for nearly a year now," says Adam Merrifield, owner and lead developer at seyDoggy. "We've been refining and revising it constantly - we didn't want to even think of coding it until we knew it could be done right."

It seems only fitting that seyDoggy should release such a product on the day marking 4 years of dedicated RapidWeaver theme development and innovation. Merrifield states that much of the work put into new products over the last year was all a trial run for the features and abilities that seyDoggy was hoping to make available in GiD3OUS.

"We could have made GiD3OUS a fixed, graphical layout with very little flexibility," Merrifield says, "but this layout warranted more. The GiD3OUS theme deserved to be as flexible as we could manage and that meant we had a lot of new ideas to test out before hand, like work done previously on advanced systems such as 3 tier navigation, rounded corners, combination drop menus and ExtraContent... all of which we put together to make GiD3OUS the flexible, easy to use but highly polished theme that it is."

To mark this significant milestone - 4 years in business and the launch of an all new RapidWeaver theme - seyDoggy is offering a special discount from now until December 7th. Visitors to the seyDoggy online store can use the code "birthday2009" upon checkout and receive 30% off their entire shopping cart.

The GiD3OUS RapidWeaver template, compatible with RapidWeaver 3.6 and above, is an advanced yet also easy to use web layout that builds on past seyDoggy innovations such as the immensely popular and widely used ExtraContent, 3 tier navigation, interchangeable header images, and highly comprehensive color control through RapidWeaver's color picker abilities.

As a seyDoggy Ultimate theme, GiD3OUS comes fully loaded with the full complement of powerful features, including width control, choice of navigation system, a selection background textures and gradients, ExtraContent, and a variety of others:

* 2 ExtraContent areas
* 10 customizable headers
* 10 customizable footers
* RWmultitool ready
* advanced 3 tier navigation
* sidebar positioning
* header gradients
* comprehensive color control
* width control
* font size and style selections

GiD3OUS is one of many RapidWeaver themes enabled with the popular ExtraContent feature, an open source collaborative technology that allows usable content spaces in RapidWeaver (e.g. built-in blog pages, photo albums, Flash slideshows, or iFrame pages) to be extended beyond what the application would normally allow, offering the user additional usable space and, along with that, a wide variety of new opportunities for enhanced creative expression. With ExtraContent, it is now possible to add a personal touch to previously unreachable areas of a page, by adding a lifestream (Twitter, LastFM, Delicious, etc.) below a blog page, adding a Web 2.0 footer to a site's file sharing page, or performing another of the many potential modifications.

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.4.11 Tiger, 10.5.2 Leopard or 10.6.x Snow Leopard
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* RapidWeaver 3.6.7 or RapidWeaver 4.x
* RWmultitool Lite Optional

Pricing and Availability:
GiD3OUS Ultimate is available now for $20.49 CAD at seyDoggy's online RapidWeaver theme store.

Headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario Canada, seyDoggy is a privately funded company founded in 2005 by Adam Merrifield. Leveraging their longtime experience in web and graphic design, seyDoggy's goal is to develop great looking theme designs for RapidWeaver, and lead to the creation of seyDesign. Known for developing the first commercially available theme with split navigation, seyDesign is responsible for continually pushing the limits of RapidWeaver. seyDoggy also offers consulting services for companies looking to enter the web design industry or who don't want to hire full time staff to manage their own internet or intranet web systems. Copyright 2005-2009 seyDoggy. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries. RapidWeaver, and the RapidWeaver logo are trademarks of Realmac Software Limited.