Ilium Software Releases eWallet 7.0

December 2, 2009 in Utility (E)

[] Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ilium Software today is pleased to announce the release of eWallet 7.0, the latest version of their award-winning secure password manager software. Accompanying this release is news that customers will now only need to pay once to use eWallet everywhere. For one low price eWallet can be used on any Windows Mobile device, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod touch, Windows PC, laptop or Windows netbook. Pricing is $19.95 for new users, and $10.00 for existing owners looking to upgrade.

Plus, eWallet 7.0 includes a preview of Ilium Software's upcoming Mac OS X version.

Aside from a new purchasing process, eWallet 7.0 adds many exciting new features to the program. One of the most anticipated features in this upgrade is image syncing from the desktop to the device. Now when users design a great-looking wallet on the Windows PC - by creating background images, scanning copies of real cards, choosing colors - those customizations will sync over to their Windows Mobile device or iPhone.

Many of the other great new features focus on the completely redone Windows PC version. eWallet's AutoPass, which fills in usernames and passwords on web sites so users don't need to type their personal information, now works on Firefox as well as Internet Explorer.

eWallet for Windows has a brand-new interface too, making it easier than ever to work with. And for users accustomed to the older version of eWallet, there's an option to turn on the Classic Style instead. There are several other styles to choose from, as well as color schemes and background options, so each user can give eWallet a personalized look.

The Windows version of eWallet has also been updated to help users work faster and smarter, with a new Recent Card list, Tooltips that offer pointers on using eWallet's options, and a search function that displays results as the user types. There's also an option to leave the program running when a wallet locks for security timeout, so users don't have to wait for eWallet to load the next time they need to open their wallet.

eWallet 7.0 also introduces an easier syncing process for BlackBerry users, and Windows Mobile 6.5 users with touchscreen devices will find a fast new way to flip between cards by simply swiping across their screen. Many other features and enhancements have been included in this new version as well. Complete information about eWallet can be found on Ilium Software's website, including information for current eWallet owners looking to upgrade.

Founded in 1997, Ilium Software is a privately held, independent software vendor. The company produces and sells a family of award-winning consumer and business mobile applications for Windows-based PC and mobile devices including eWallet, ListPro, NewsBreak, DockWare and Keep Track. Complete information about Ilium Software and its products is available on their website.