How Do You Make your iPhone App Stand Out in a Sea of 100,000

December 3, 2009 in iOS Development (E)

[] New York, NY - Got an idea for an iPhone App? Chances are you can already find it in Apple's iTunes App Store - and in abundance. It is a much more sophisticated iPhone world out there. Not only are there more and better apps, but there are many more experienced, genuinely creative developers and designers.

How can your App be one of the shining lights among over 100,000 Apps? The answer lies in interface design and usability. Unlike iPhone App developers, users usually have no idea what beautiful code looks like, but every user can take pleasure when presented with a truly beautiful, useful App. User interface design becomes the important differentiating factor for the most successful Apps in the App Store.

For more information on how to put a professional polish on your App, look no further than the advice and experience of iPhone developers who have released successful and popular Apps. Straight from Apress's latest book "iPhone User Interface Design Projects," here are seven questions top iPhone developers ask when improving their App's interface design:

1) Have you used Apple's UI conventions and usability testing to assure better results?

2) Did you tailor the user interface to match your target audience?

3) Have you considered enhancing the user experience through the power of the navigation bar to present large amounts of data in an exciting way?

4) Have you tried adding extra oomph through CoreLocation, Camera, and Address Book integration?

5) Have you chosen the right fonts for your programming projects to get maximum readability on the iPhone screen?

6) Did you think though all the details, even the smallest?

7) Is there a balance between simplicity and beauty in your App's features?

About "iPhone User Interface Design Projects"
Apress's latest book "iPhone User Interface Design Projects," presents practical advice on user interface design from ten innovative developers who have pondered how best to make use of the iPhone's minimal screen real estate. Their stories illustrate precisely why, with more Apps and more experienced, creative developers, no iPhone App can succeed without a great UI. With over 100,000 iPhone applications and 125,000 registered iPhone developers, is it still possible to create a top-selling app that stands apart from the six-figure crowd? Of course. But developers need more than a great idea and flawless code - eye-catching and functional user interface design is essential.

iPhone User Interface Design Projects
* By: Joachim Bondo, David Barnard, Dan Burcaw, David Kaneda, Craig Kemper, Tim Novikoff, Chris Parrish, Brad Ellis, Keith Peters, Jrgen Siebert, and Eddie Wilson
* ISBN13: 978-1-4302-2359-7
* ISBN10: 1-4302-2359-6
* 350 pp.
* Published November 30, 2009
* Print Book Price: $39.99 USD
* eBook Price: $27.99 USD

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