Apple Again Leads Nov Sentiment for Tech - HP, Amazon, and Google Gain

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[] Los Altos, CA - Crowd Technologies, Inc., provider of the stock prediction site Piqqem, today announced the November sentiment results for Apple, Google, Intel, Cisco, Amazon, HP and Microsoft As expected, Apple continues to lead the pack with a stunning 59 sentiment rating while Microsoft maintained the bottom position at 15. Apple's dominant sentiment indicates that it is considered the highest quality stock of the group, while Microsoft is considered the lowest quality stock of the group.

HP, Amazon, and Google were also big winners in sentiment change for November. HP showed a 7% increase in sentiment, Amazon showed a 5% increase in sentiment, while Google's sentiment increased by 4%.

"Sentiment is a measure of how people feel a stock will perform and is captured by a voting mechanism that indicates a strong buy, buy, neutral, sell, and strong sell. The value of sentiment is based on the 'Wisdom of Crowds' where the many will in most cases make better decisions than the individual. Higher sentiment stocks are considered higher quality stocks, while lower sentiment stocks are considered lower quality stocks. "said Jett Winter, CEO. "On the other hand, change in sentiment provides a timing mechanism for understanding the underlying changes in a security potentially ahead of a price move."

In the Piqqem model, a scale of -100 to 100 is used with -100 representing the lowest level of sentiment and 100 representing the highest level of sentiment.

Sentiment Results as of 11/30/09:
* Apple : 59
* Google : 49
* HP : 35
* Cisco : 34
* Amazon : 33
* Intel : 33
* Microsoft : 15

Change in Sentiment Results as of 11/30/09:
* HP : 7%
* Amazon : 5%
* Google : 4%
* Apple : 2%
* Microsoft : 1%
* Cisco : 0%
* Intel: (2%)

The change in November sentiment for these seven securities shows a strong upward bias for HP, Amazon, and Google, a moderate upward bias for Apple and Microsoft, a neutral bias for Cisco and a downward bias for Intel. The sentiment move for HP was tied to exceeding earnings expectations with sentiment moving ahead of their earnings release, while Amazon, Google, and Apple benefited from the continuation of a strong technology run in the market. Microsoft began to see some benefit from the release of Windows 7. Changes in sentiment can be an early warning system for the underlying security. Sentiment for this technology group gained on average 2.5% in sentiment for November.

Jett Winter is CEO of Crowd Technologies, Inc. a company that develops applications that leverage the wisdom of crowds. Their first major application is Piqqem which captures, processes, and presents sentiment data on the future price and price direction of publicly traded securities. Piqqem provides five types of sentiment on securities: i) Price Directional ii) Price Specific iii) Demographic iv) Relative (Stock vs. Stock) and v) Time-Based. Copyright (C) 2009 Crowd Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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