XChange announce free update to DATAform XTension/Plug-in

October 8, 2007 in Publishing (F)

[prMac.com] XChange International, the source for extended technology worldwide, are pleased to announce the release of a free upgrade to both the DATAformXTension for QuarkXPress and the DATAformPlug-in for InDesign. DATAformXTension for QuarkXPress and DATAformPlug-in for InDesign are fully featured database publishing tools. They enable users to set up a bi-directional connection between their database and their favourite layout program.

Using a DATAform extended technology module, any programmable database can be used to create complete and sophisticated layout documents. With DATAformTags, any QuarkXPress or InDesign page geometry and all relevant properties can be defined in ASCII-text and created in the layout program.

There are more than 70 DATAformTags to deal with virtually every aspect of a QuarkXPress or InDesign document, such as:
- Create new documents
- Create new pages
- Create boxes with over 70 specific properties
- Create boxes on a specific page and position
- Create text boxes with any formatted content
- Create picture boxes, load, scale, offset the picture
- Create chained text boxes over many pages
- Create anchored text and picture boxes or lines

By using just one ASCII-file users can create an entire catalogue, ready to print or ready for manual manipulation by the designer. The database-generated boxes and contents can be modified in the layout programs like any other manually created geometry.

To update a database, the DATAform module translates the layout document or selected parts of it into a DATAformTags text file again. The ASCII-file contains all information about the document and the database is able to reimport and maintain every aspect of the layout’s information, including:
- Re-import all document properties
- Re-import the new page position of each box
- Re-import over 70 properties of each box
- Re-import the text of all text boxes optionally with XPressTags or InDesignTags
- Re-import the picture paths of picture boxes
- Re-import all scaling and offset specifications of pictures
- Re-import the complete chaining information of chained text boxes
- Re-import all anchored boxes and lines and their anchor position
The DATAform module can also be used to automatically update layout documents. If the contents of the database are changedâ€"for example, due to a new set of pricesâ€"the new data can update the QuarkXPress or InDesign document. Any manual manipulation of page geometry remains unchanged and only the contents of specifically tagged boxes will be replaced.

Upgrades are available for download to previous version users free of charge for:
DATAformXTension 7.2.2 (11) for QuarkXPress 7.2 to 7.3
DATAformPlug-in 4.0.1 (17) for InDesign 4 (CS2)
DATAformPlug-in 5.0.0 (5) for InDesign 5 (CS3)

DATAform is available for purchase as well through XChange International. To order, or for more information, users can visit www.xchangeuk.com, or call on +44(0)20 7490 4455 during UK business hours.

XChange are a leading supplier of desktop graphic and publishing applications, QuarkXTension(R) technology; Adobe InDesign(R), Acrobat(R) and Photoshop(R) Plug-ins(R) and other design and publishing utilities. XChange offer extended technology products from across the world specific to the graphic design, print and publishing industries and make them available to an extensive user base via their printed catalogue or online at their web site. The company are headquartered in Central London.


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