Free Xdata or InData with purchase of Xcatalog or InCatalog

December 4, 2009 in Promotions (F)

[] London, United Kingdom - XChange UK and ThePowerXChange, the sources for extended technology worldwide are pleased to announce a new promotion that offer users a free Xdata for QuarkXPress or InData for Adobe InDesign with their purchase of Xcatalog or InCatalog from Em Software. Users can save $400.00/250.00 until the end of the year with their Xcatalog or InCatalog purchase. Additionally, users who upgrade from earlier versions of Xcatalog or Xcatalog Pro or InCatalog or InCatalog Pro qualify for the free Xdata or InData.

"We are really excited to be able to offer this unprecedented promotion to users with the substantial savings on tools that will continue to save them time and money from their first use. The complete automation these tools offer is invaluable and anyone who works with databases and publishing will immediately benefit from Em Software's products. They are one of the longest-standing developers for QuarkXPress and InDesign and they have always produced quality products and back them with superior customer service. With this economy, any business - small or large - will find they have made a very wise investment that continues to prove indispensable," offers Greg Stodghill, Support Services Manager for ThePowerXChange.

Xcatalog and InCatalog are powerful bi-directional linking tools for creating transparent links between a user's documents and databases. The XTension or Plug-in can be used to update prices, graphics, product information, or even change versions or swap languages automatically. Once links are established with the the easy-to-use linking tool, changes can be made either in the document or the database, and the changes pushed in the other direction with no extra work. (No intermediate steps such as report creation and extraction are needed.)

Xcatalog and InCatalog impose no layout or design constraints. Their links are invisible to your printed layout (but visible while the user is working). Linked elements can be moved between documents freely without loss of linkage. They offer flexible data sources and destinations as the intuitive linking palette can be used to establish links between any database element and any document text element, from a single character to a phrase to a paragraph to a whole story or any picture elements. Links are also moveable between documents and libraries transparently, for ease of building new documents from old document elements with links intact.

Xcatalog and InCatalog offer semi-automatic building techniques. With pre-linked modules in libraries, users can drag a module, fill in a key value in one link, and watch InCatalog fill in the whole module interactively. With just one menu selection (Update Document... or Update Data...), users can make sure all linked document elements match their corresponding database elements. Users don't have to worry about whether they've gotten all the price changes before a big catalog release, or whether, in the last-minute rush to get the catalog out the door, they've forgotten to update a few prices in the database that they updated in the document. Users can define any number of price styles per publishing project using full tagged text for arbitrary formatting, and apply styles per-link. Both products offer tagged text support and users can update pictures, automatically resizing them to fit their destination frame in various ways, or to be left sized as-is. Both
Xcatalog and InCatalog are scriptable under Mac OS or Windows for powerful workflow automation. Users can read and write the full Unicode character set (that QuarkXPress or InDesign support), in various encodings including UTF-8.

Xdata and InData are document building tools that bring the full layout, design, typographic and picture publishing power of QuarkXPress or InDesign to bear on all data-driven repetitive publishing tasks. Simply put, Xdata (for XPress) or InData (for InDesign) works like a "mail merge on steroids." Users write simple text statements to import and format their text and graphics. Then the menu-driven tools, in a few clicks, build their documents at hundreds of pages per hour.

QuarkXPress' or InDesign's typographic controls can be used for each variable field and for any intervening text, to get just the right look for a user's data. Both Xdata and InData have a powerful English-like scripting language. Users can put any field from their data source in any order in the text flow, force page breaks, generate headers/footers, apply master pages as needed and lots more. The products' scripting language can be used to build simple or complex rules for including or excluding fields, pictures and static text. And there are no limits on a data: records and fields can be as many and as long as users need.

Xdata and InData are perfect for product catalogs, financial and legal reports, conference guides, abstracts, real estate guides, trader and swap magazine, classified advertising, timetables, phone books, course listings, TV guides and much more. Users save money and time on the first job with Xcatalog, InCatalog, Xdata and InData.

The free Xdata or InData with Xcatalog or InCatalog promotion is available now through XChange UK and ThePowerXChange worldwide. To order, or for more information, users can visit the websites.

XChange UK and ThePowerXChange are leading suppliers of desktop graphic and publishing applications, QuarkXTension(R) technology; Adobe InDesign(R), Acrobat(R) and Photoshop(R) Plug-ins(R) and other design and publishing utilities. They offer extended technology products from across the world specific to the graphic design, print and publishing industries and make them available to an extensive user base via their printed catalogue or online at their web site.