TheMacBundles Announces a New Bundle And Two New weekly Specials

December 7, 2009 in Promotions (E)

[] Berkeley, CA - MacEase Software today announced the release of TheMacBundles' second December bundle. TheMacBundles' new marketing model brings unprecedented value to consumers while also returning to developers an exceptionally high percentage of the revenue produced by the sale of their software.

TheMacBundles continues its innovative approach to marketing high quality software bundles by featuring a new bundle of 12 highly rated titles during each of the first three weeks in December. Each bundle will feature a combination of new tiles and titles from the previous week's bundle. This provides users with a unique opportunity to find the combination of high quality software that best meets their needs while also saving a bundle of money. All titles in the December bundles work with OS X 10.6.


* Uses a cooperative marketing model
* Eliminates the middlemen, which results in a better value for consumers and more revenue being provided to the developers that created the software
* Includes only the latest version of the titles that are included in a bundle
* Includes no "filler" programs - all titles in a bundle are premium quality software
* Provides only titles which include the same level of support and the same reduced price for upgrades that apply to users who paid the full retail price for the software
* Will be offering new bundles on a regular basis, thus providing an unprecedented selection of high quality software at unprecedented low prices

The second December bundle includes 12 great titles - including award-winning titles - and is priced at only $49.95 (USD). This represents a savings of over 80%! Additionally, users that purchase a Weekly Special title and the bundle receive a $5 discount off of the bundle, resulting in a price of only $44.95 (USD).

This new December bundle will be available for 7 days and includes 3 bonus titles. Purchasers of the bundle always get a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

The 12 programs included in this bundle are:
* iPhoto Library Manager - adds an additional level of control over iPhoto collections, can create multiple iPhoto libraries, and more.

* Media Rage - is a collection of powerful tools for media enthusiasts. It can read and write information stored in MP3, AAC/MP4, FLAC, AIFF, WAVE, BWF, and Ogg Vorbis audio files as well as EXIF (read only) tags in digital images. Media Rage can assist users in cataloging, organizing, sorting, and updating thousands of audio files with ease.

* MyTunesRSS - is a private music and video server which lets users access their multimedia collection through a web interface in any browser. Users can create RSS feeds, download playlists, complete albums, and single tracks, or even play music directly in the browser in a convenient player.

* ViewIt - is a an image viewer that supports most popular image formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD and more. Images can be viewed in a window or in full screen mode. ViewIt also has tools for quick image sorting, printing, digital cameras, and EXIF tags.

* Simon - is the essential site monitoring tool for Mac OS X. It checks servers for changes or failures, and notifies users via e-mail, sound, speech, Twitter, or other means. Many additional features are included.

* Renamer - allows users to rename and number many files at once. Renamer features a powerful chain feature to link multiple naming tasks, presets, and the ability to rename files from the Finder.

* WebPrint Plus - allows users to easily and quickly save or print snippets of any size from any program, the Internet, and the Clipboard. Works via a uniquely flexible interface and system-wide shortcuts. Many more features are included.

* Yum - is the ultimate recipe and cookbook manager. Add favorite recipes, organize them into categories, assign them ratings, print them with custom layouts, create shopping lists from the ingredients, and many more features.

* Yummy FTP - is the fastest and most powerful Mac FTP / SFTP client available, with features such as directory synchronization, scheduling, remote editing with per-file editor support, auto-uploads via FTP Watcher, and more.

* A-Dock X - brings a secondary Dock to users' screens. It's highly customizable and offers some unique features like skinning, 10-level deep folder browsing, and much more.

* Sonic Mood - creates a soothing background of melodic tones and natural sounds when users don't want the distraction of ordinary music. SonicMood comes with 31 pre-configured "Moods," an editor that lets users customize or invent new Moods, a recording function, and much more.

* FolderGlance - is a small plugin for the Finder. It allows users to control-click or right-click on folders to see and open their contents, as well as examine the contents of sub-folders down an unlimited number of levels, and much more.

Existing Mac users can purchase this bundle to enhance their and/or a family member's current setup and to get a great gift for someone. First-time computer users and people switching from a PC can use this bundle to get their Macs equipped for a wide range of tasks at a bargain-basement price!

Additionally, the highly rated Print It! utility is being offered by TheMacBundles for one week for only $14.95 (USD) - this represents a savings of 50%! Also, Funtastic Photos is being offered for one week at over 50% off!

Steve Becker, the owner of MacEase and founder of, has been developing freeware and shareware for the Macintosh since 1997. The software from MacEase specializes in collecting, saving, organizing and printing information. The focus at MacEase is to develop software that extends the capabilities of the user's computer, improves workflow and productivity, and enhances the user experience.


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