Webswell releases the EbXML/AS2 framework Webswell Connect 2.1.1

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Webswell Inc. releases a new version of Webswell Connect ebXML/AS2 integration platform. Compared to previous versions, the 2.1.1 version:

1) Contains the Basic Edition of Webswell Monitor - an AJAX-based dashboard for remote web-based monitoring of ebxml nodes - tracking incoming and outgoing messages (including system and error messages), statistics information, logs tracking.

2) Has refined Linux installation scripts for seamless installation on Suse and Ubuntu distributions.

Webswell Connect is an e-business platform based on the ebXML and AS2 standards. It is used as the integration framework for heterogeneous business environments and for integration of incompatible software systems.

The Webswell Connect is intended for secure and reliable data interchange between trading partners or between units within large corporations. It covers business data exchange, communication configuration and data management:

* Messaging: using ebXML or AS2 standards, the messaging becomes secure, reliable and trackable. Webswell Connect implements techniques for non-repudiation, duplication elimination and receipt acknowledgements, data is sent using the ssl.

* Configuration management: messaging configuration is defined through bilateral agreements that can be stored and managed centrally to ensure automated change propagation in case of messaging settings change requirement. It is possible to maintain the whole communication network from a single point.

* Data management: Webswell Connect provides core functionality that enables to pre-process exchanged XML-based business data. The data can be categorized, parsed and decomposed into elementary business objects in accordance with industry-specific standards. This pre-processed business data can be then identified, found or used much effectively.

Webswell Connect 2.1.1 is an Open Source software licensed under GNU-GPL license and is provided free of charge.

Webswell Inc. is a Sacramento, California based integration company specialized in building EDI, ebXML and Web Services integration solutions and providing related consultancy. Webswell's mission is to help companies of any size to build business integration solutions and exploit benefits that such integration provides.


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