Ironic Software announces Yep 2.0 - SOHO Document Management

December 8, 2009 in Software (E)

[] Toronto, Canada - Yep 2.0, by Ironic Software of Toronto, Canada ($39 USD) is a follow on to the popular Yep 1.0. Yep 2 brings more Leopard and Snow Leopard only features to the fold, while cleaning up the interface and offering new features. Many SOHO document management programs on the Mac today require files to be in databases or special folders. Yep does not have this limitation - managed documents can be anywhere, and can be searched for using tools like Spotlight or the Finder.

Scanning in Yep has taken a step forward. Yep's scanning interface is a true document scanner - and as such can scan pages up to twice as fast as Apple's Preview - Yep needs no time consuming overview scan. Yep's scanner produces optimized 300 dpi legal ready PDFs.

Creating other files such as snippets of text from web pages and images is as simple as dragging the text or image into Yep - Yep creates, files, and names the file all automatically. This allows Yep to be used a 'digital paper trail' of a users daily activities, without bogging them down with details.

Yep also implements a feature that allows any document that can be printed to be auto filed - this makes keeping track of research, expenses, web receipts and other information an easier process. Files are automatically filed by date, and can be further organized by tagging.

Since Yep uses no database to store information such as tags, all information that is entered in Yep 2 is also accessible from Spotlight and the Finder, even across the network. This allows Yep to work well in offices where not everyone uses it, and also allows backup systems such as Time Machine to run as normal.

Yep uses Spotlight, Quick Look, Time Machine and other OS X technologies to make finding and using your documents easier. It also works well with other ironic products like Fresh - for instance Fresh can be used with Yep to help organize the barrage of files that drop onto a Desktop or Downloads folder every day.

Pricing and Availability:
Yep 2 ($39) is available now for download, and a bundle of all ironic applications can be had for just $69 - a saving over the $141 list price.

Ironic Software, Ltd. Document Managment on the Mac. Our products allow individuals and companies to organize documents, images and PDFs using, tags, color and location content and other meta data. Unlike expensive 'locked - in' solutions, Deep, Leap and Yep do not use proprietary databases, or force you to import your files into a library.


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