Calories 2 Now with Weight Tracking, Body Analysis and Withings Support

December 8, 2009 in Software (E)

[] Herdecke, Germany - danholt4mac today released Calories 2, the next major upgrade of the beloved software Calories for tracking daily nutrition. Calories 2 has been completely revised and reengineered introducing a bunch of new features. Calories 2 now offers weight tracking with automatic BMI-calculation and calendar. Thanks to the new weight-panel you can now collect weight data and even more data from body analysis scales like: Body fat, muscle mass, water, bones.

Not enough, Calories 2 is the only Mac software capable to access and fetch data from the brand-new Withings WiFi body scale. This wireless body scale stores weight data and body analysis data fully automatically to a personal Withings-Account. These data can also be accessed via iPhone. Calories 2 is able to retrieve these data directly and process them for further analysis in Calories 2.

The Calories 2 main window has been completely reengineered: First of all, now all basic functions are directly accessible via tool buttons. Entering foods is much more straight forward and input is lightning fast. Creating, editing and combining foods can be done quick and easy now.

Now introduced Calories 2 provides comfortable charts for inspecting weight, body analysis data and consumed calories. Calories 2 gives you a brief overview of your development in terms of weight, body data and calories consumption on a common time line. All these data is related to your desired weight and other goals you set and a personal BMI-recommendation. Because nourishment and nutrition habits are topics of high interest for families and groups too, the new family license of Calories 2 now supports multiple user accounts. Now it is easy to track all data from family members, for example and view all data at a glance.

Short list of the main new features:
* Up to 8 Custom meals with individual assignment of time-frames for a day
* Super speed entering of daily weight data with the balance panel
* Automatic calculation of BMI in real time
* Tracking of body analysis data (fat, water, muscle, bones)
* Direct integration of the Withings WiFi body scale (weight and body-analysis data tracked wirelessly and imported automatically)
* User profile: Weight-goal, personal limits for consumed calories and nutritions
* Clean and easy on the eyes graphical presentation of your intakes for the day, week, month and year.
* Analyze charts: Weight, body analysis data and intakes are shown with their relation and dependencies
* Chart graph data is clickable for instant editing
* Your optimal BMI-range visualized
* Convenient calendar panel for super fast navigation
* Import of additional food databases
* Support for dimensions in pound/inch and kilogram/centimeter
* Adustable components for body analysis data. Fat, water, muscle and bones can be activated separately.
* Support for the dual fat/lean-mass analyzing model of the Withings WiFi body scale
* Support for assigning a dedicated WiThings user to a Calories user account
* Optional family license allows to support up to 5 user accounts

Pricing and availability:
Single version (Download): 20.97 Euro (+VAT if applicable). Family license (Download): 41.18 Euro (+VAT if applicable). All previous users of Calories are authorized to buy an Upgrade (single version) for Calories 2 at the price of 8.32 Euro (+VAT if applicable). Withings WiFi body scale can also be ordered at danholt4mac at 108.40 Euro (+shipping and VAT if applicable). Special price bundle: Withings WiFi-body scale plus boxed family-license of Calories 2 at the price of 133.61 Euro (+shipping and VAT if applicable).

Located in Herdecke, Germany, danholt4mac is a privately held company founded in 2001 by Daniel Holtwiesche. Leveraging their longtime experience in third party development and localization, danholt Consulting Services is a premier solutions provider utilizing the most modern techniques for the Mac platform. Localizations offered are for the English, German, Spanish, French Chinese and Japanese languages. Other services include graphics and DTP, computer aided design, CD/DVD publishing, productivity and business software. They are a distributor of some well known software firms and of their own software products like iStock and now, Calories. Copyright 2008 danholt4mac. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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