Upgrade Brings Pro-level Quality Without Pro-level Price to aQ's Apps

December 9, 2009 in Games (E)

[prMac.com] Taipei, Taiwan - The just-released upgrades to Quinn Genzel's solid "aQ's Pro Slider Puzzle" app series has propelled it from being "just another slider puzzle" to the ranks of "best of its kind." Six new exciting major features have been added, along with several other welcome enhancements, all for the same low price:

1) "Full Screen, Full Fun"
* Most other slider apps clutter the screen with controls or superfluous artwork, but not Quinn's. Once you start playing, the top bar will auto-retract and leave you with a full screen of nothing but tiles, for true, full-screen game play. Access the bar and its tools whenever you wish, or leave it where it belongs - out of sight.

2) "Puzzle Your Pic"
* Besides the large collection of fascinating, theme-targeted images, you also have the option to add any of your own photos to the puzzle list.

3) "Shake to Shuffle"
* Now you can re-scramble the puzzle by simply shaking the device, the natural iPhone way.

4) "Numbered or Not"
* If you need extra help when trying to solve harder puzzles, you can now show or hide the tile numbers. Even better, the numbers on correctly placed tiles will turn from white to yellow, for even greater assistance (and sense of accomplishment).

5) "Wallpaper This!"
* Save the photo from any completed puzzle to your Camera roll, then use it as your background. For the "6-in-1 Combo" app, that means you can use up to 150 great photos!

6) "Save for a Rainy Day"
* If you are interrupted by a call, or if you quit the app in the middle of a game, the position of all the tiles and the time & move number will all be automatically saved. When you return to the app at some future time, you will be given the option to resume that game from where you left off, or start again with another.

Other enhancements include:
* 30% more puzzles (for a total of 24-30 for each individual theme app, and a whopping 150 for the 6-in-1 Combo app)
* Full-screen viewing of completed puzzles
* Detailed in-app help and instructions

The "aQ's Pro Slider Puzzle" family of apps include six theme-focused apps (Nature, Birds, Travel, the Maya, Egypt & Space), plus one, all-inclusive, 6-in-1 Combo app. Each themed app sells for only $0.99 USD, while the combo app sells for only $2.99 USD (six themes for the price of only three). Every puzzle is solvable, and each game has four skill levels (Easy, Medium, Hard & Impossible) - unlock advanced levels by successfully completing easier ones.

"With all these great new benefits, the 'aQ's Pro Slider Puzzles' have now become arguably the most enjoyable, feature-packed, all-around best slider puzzles on the App Store," says Quinn Genzel, developer and founder of QuinnScape. Check them out for yourself today.

QuinnScape, headed by Quinn Genzel, has been developing unique apps since nearly the beginning of Apple's iTunes App Store. Its apps range from those focusing on the human world (travel-related packing), to the natural and supernatural worlds. Copyright (C) 2009 QuinnScape. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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