CaveDays: an action platform game with a wicked storyline that reshapes the Stone Age

February 13, 2007 in Gaming (E)


Meet CaveDays, an action platform game with a wicked storyline that reshapes the Stone Age!

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- Award-winning developers Insolita Studios, an up-and-coming Brazilian company, make their debut on Mac and Windows with "CaveDays", the only platform game to feature sharp pixelart, acid humour and action-packed levels set in the Stone Age (T-Rex included).

The unique storyline of Cavedays features fifteen cutscenes that deliver a humorous tale of two prehistoric buddies and his friends. Dawson feels there must be more in life than just hunting dinos, while Ugo enjoys every tasty bit of it. That's when a woman, Ula, changes everything. Sarcastic situations, rather than epic heroics, make up the tale that players will uncover through the characters' progress.

Players control Dawson and Ugo while they explore 30 levels filled with dangerous dinosaurs, rapid rivers, wild jungles, high mountains and lava pools. The game mixes together classic features with new ones, adding great depth to the gameplay. In addition to jumping, swimming, attacking, hanging on vines, getting swallowed by carnivorous plants and flying through wind tunnels, players can count on a handy backpack that allows almost any item from the scenery to be stashed for later use (good for hunting!). A unique throwing system also allows players to pick objects up and throw them at any angle and strength (very useful for puzzles!). Appealing graphics, through detailed pixelart, and an original and vivid sountrack present the game world.

CaveDays is aimed at both young and mature players, presenting a rich platform game to those new to the genre as well as a fresh approach to those who enjoy the classics. Both casual and hardcore gamers can fully enjoy the title, which is relatively simple to play and finish, but presents quite a challenge to explore completely. The players have to hunt for food, collect fruits, mark the territory and do all kinds of quests for the different characters encountered. A gem is won for each completed goal, of which there are more than a hundred available. As more gems are collected, more levels are unlocked.

A trial version of the game, featuring one hour of full gameplay, is available online at Players who enjoy the game can buy it and activate the full version with no extra downloads required. To present the characters to the players and to extend the gaming experience, CaveDays webcomics are published every week on the website. Also available as free downloads are wallpapers, IM avatars and website buttons.

Insolita Studios is continually developing new products, comitted to offer rich content and innovative gameplay. The company, established in 2006, believes that creating a rich and unique experience goes far beyond just technology. Insolita Studios is associated with CIETEC, the largest technology-based business incubator center of Latin America. CaveDays is the winner of JogosBR 2006/2007, the most important brazilian game development contest, held by the Ministry of Culture.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Free registration key available upon request. Contact Winston Petty at for more information or to request a registration key.

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