Christmas Countdown - Have You Packed Yet

December 11, 2009 in Travel (E)

[] Taipei, Taiwan - With Christmas fast approaching, have you done, or even thought about doing, your Christmas packing? No, not present packing, suitcase packing! Most of us probably do some degree of traveling during the end-of-year holidays, be it for family reunions, Disney theme park trips, or sunny beach holidays, but the common denominator is that everyone needs to pack. Quinn Genzel's "Packing" and "Packing Pro" iPhone apps can help ease this burden by eliminating some of the confusion and chaos, and make your holidays more carefree and enjoyable.

Besides being arguably the most essential travel app, for any kind of travel, another reason to consider Quinn's Packing apps now is that he has decided to continue his special holiday sale in celebration of the first-year anniversary of the official launch of his top-ranking "Packing" iPhone travel app on Apple's iTunes App Store. The original Packing app is now available for only US$ 0.99, 50% off its full price, while "Packing Pro," the professional version, is only US$ 2.99, 25% off its regular price for the rest of the holiday season.

Since its launch, when it was the first of its kind on the App Store, Packing has been continuously updated and improved, and remains arguably the most flexible, powerful, and feature-rich dedicated packing app on the market. This is reflected in the fact that both National Geographic and American Express have chosen Packing Pro as one of their best travel apps, and Apple itself has prominently featured both Packing & Packing Pro apps.

Feature-wise, Packing sports a huge, built-in Master Catalog with hundreds of items and to-do tasks. This catalog, along with all of the user-created packing lists, is 100% customizable, meaning that you can add, delete, rename or reorder any of their items however you wish. The catalog and all lists are also sub-divided into categories and types, which greatly improves the organization and manageability of their content. Built-in and user-derived templates can also be used to quickly create brand new packing lists. Packing is also filled with tons of useful features:

* Multi-item selection for quick buildup of new lists
* Sorting options for packing list items
* Collapsable packing list categories
* Checkmarks to indicate packing state of each item
* Running tally of packed/unpacked items
* Weight and value data for all items, with overall totals computation
* Send-to-email function
* Import/export option for data-sharing between Packing & Packing Pro, between devices, and for out-of-app backup
* Extensive in-app help guide

Besides of all this, Packing Pro also features:

* An Expert list generation tool, which automatically creates lists based on the number of adults (males & females), number of children, number of days, temperature and destination, as well as preferences for food preparation and clothes washing
* Twice as many sample packing lists (8 total), including ones for couples, families, business people and campers
* Customizable user interface. This includes app-wide themes, packing list layout choices, font choices, and nearly full control of all the colors in the app
* Better organization and navigation between sections (Packing, Catalog, Design, Help)
* Expanded Master Catalog, including new items for babies, sports/activities, camping, cooking & religion

So, for a limited time only, go to any Apple iTunes App Store worldwide to grab a copy of possibly the most essential travel app out there - Quinn's Packing, at 50% off for only $0.99 USD, or Packing Pro, at 25% off for only $2.99 USD. Just in time for the holidays. Don't forget to pack!

QuinnScape, headed by Quinn Genzel, has been developing unique apps since nearly the beginning of Apple's iTunes App Store. Its apps range from those focusing on the human world (travel-related packing), to the natural and supernatural worlds. Copyright (C) 2009 QuinnScape. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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