Colossal Short Stories Collection 1.0 - The Gigantic iPhone eBook Pack

December 13, 2009 in Books (F)

[] Bucharest, Romania - Experienced iPhone ebook developer Alexandru Brie announced that his most important ebook project yet, 'Colossal Short Stories Collection' iPhone app, has been released to the AppStore. Colossal Short Stories Collection is a revolutionary, unprecedented ebook project which includes, in a single ebook app, over 2222 short stories from almost 200 of the greatest literary classics ever.

Unlike other iPhone ebook apps, Colossal Short Stories Collection already includes all content, which makes it ideal for iPhone touch users on the go or for iPhone users not willing to waste time downloading content. Colossal Short Stories Collection only contains short stories (or really short novels), considering that short stories are the perfect literature to digest on a mobile device, on the go, "byte-sized" for a quick 10 to 15 minutes evasion in the realm of the extraordinary. And due to the huge amount of content included, 'Colossal Short Stories Collection' is ideal for the book worm and the occasional reader alike - out of the over 2222 short stories, for every taste and mood there are hundreds waiting - tens of thousands of pages of adventure, suspense, horror, crime or romance.

The software was adapted and tuned specifically for this unprecedented ebook: powerful, ergonomic and intuitive, with the perfect set of features for mobile ebook reading. For instance, the page flicking UI paradigm present in competitor apps is unfit for mobile ebooks on small-size screens. As anyone who has tried to read a mobile book can attest, eventually the reader gets tired with reading a handful of words, waiting for the page-curl effect, etc. Therefore, this ebook software was designed to use the same kind of UI elements and intuitive scroll that power the iPhone's Safari browser.

Unique Features:
* All content included, no online connection necessary, making it ideal for iPod Touch or iPhones with limited data plans
* The vastness of the preselected available content helps reader to discover great classics which they didn't know before
* Including only short stories makes this app perfect for quick reading getaways during the commute, trips or waiting times
* Ergonomic, intuitive user interface specially designed for managing, browsing, bookmarking and effortlessly reading this huge collection
* Elegant typography, classy look and feel
* Continuous scroll (not page based), the BEST for reading on small screens; buttons for page up/page down scrolling
* Auto scrolling (teleprompter like) with adjustable speed from the settings
* Bookmarks and bookmark management page, and as well as autobookmark to last opened story
* Intuitive grouping of the content - short stories are grouped by authors, which are grouped by their initial
* Future updates will add hundreds more of classic short stories according to the reader's suggestions, turning this app into a collaborative crowd-sourced project.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with all versions of iPhone or iPod Touch

Pricing and Availability:
* Available for immediate download from the worldwide app store. Introductory special pricing of USD $0.99 (0.59, 0,79 Euro) available for the first days only. Normal pricing of USD $4.99 (2.39, 2,99 Euro).

Located in Bucharest, Romania, Alexandru Brie is a independent developer who has been creating great iPhone apps since the fall of 2008. Some of his most notable AppStore successes include Self Help Classics (a self improvement ebook that was a top paid book app in US, UK, Canada and Australia in January, February and October 2009) and Vault Breaker (a Mastermind clone that was top #5 US free apps downloads during February-March 2009), as well as dozens of other ebooks and entertainment apps.
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