A Better Finder Attributes 4.6.5 adds batch Finder label setting

October 17, 2007 in Software (E)


Finder labels allow you to visually organize files according to a simple color scheme. This latest version of A Better Finder Attributes allows you to use the product's power to automate this process by integrating it into the existing droplet feature.

A Better Finder Attributes has long been known to post-production and digital media producers for its ability to change Finder attributes, such as file creation and modification dates.

Recent releases have brought it to a larger audience of digital photography amateurs and professionals by adding the ability to batch adjust the Exchangeable Image File (EXIF) time and date that JPEG pictures were shot to compensate for time zone errors or incorrectly set camera clocks.

A Better Finder Attributes remains priced at $14.95. Family, Business and Enterprise Licensing is available.

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