InsomniaX: Intel Support

February 15, 2007 in Software (F)


InsomniaX a small GUI interface to the Insomnia kernel extension that was produced many a year ago, this kernel extension allows a mac to remain awake when the lid is closed on the laptop with out the use of a keyboard/mouse/screen

Until recently the only way to get InsomniaX to work on a Intel mac was to use a work around and modify the source code for your self, however in the latest release InsomniaX now supports the work around and adds some new features.

Keep a eye out for version 1.0 of InsomniaX which brings along many new features such as menu bar support and the use of the Apple Remote. is a small website powered by one person, the main mission is to provide free open source alternatives to close source commercial software, The projects are always growing and always pick up a interest because of there unique design


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