Open Door Networks and Project A ship 100th Envi app

December 27, 2009 in Reference (F)

[] Ashland, Oregon - Open Door Networks, Inc. and Project A, Inc. ("We-Envision") announced today that they have now shipped over 100 Web-image browsing "Envi" iPhone apps through the iTunes App Store. The apps let users explore particular subjects of interest in depth, through categorized full-screen slide shows, scrolling image arrays and detailed background information. The images and information come from key Web sites on the subject. Related subjects can be added through in-app purchasing.

The companies' Envi app line has grown from the original iEnvision Web-image browser, shipped as a first-day app in July, 2008, to a comprehensive set of inexpensive apps divided into five main groups. Pricing ranges from $3.99 to free. As the line has grown, so have its sales, with well over 200,000 apps downloaded to date.

The Envi app line groups include:

Art & Architecture - the top-selling Art Envi and Art Envi Deluxe apps, along with a number of period- and artist-focused apps including Art Envi Origins, Art Envi Renaissance, Art Envi Impressionist, Art Envi Modern, and Van Gogh and Da Vinci Envi. Also Architect Envi and Architect Envi Deluxe.

Space - Space Envi and Space Envi Deluxe, as well as Astronaut, Earth, Mars, Planet and Hubble Envi.

Travel - Parks Envi and Parks Envi Deluxe, a number of regional National Parks apps, and the Michael Brein line of guides to travel by mass transit (Paris, London, Madrid, DC, Hawaii and Chicago Envi)

Fun - Car Envi Deluxe, Moto Envi Deluxe and over two-dozen other make- and period-specific car and motorcycle apps (many with additional "mature audiences" babe versions). Also fashion apps, including Haircut, Handbag, Shoe and Dress Envi. And a whole bunch of other fun, like Ballpark and Rollercoaster Envi.

Others - licensed photography apps, and timely apps such as Hanukkah and Christmas Envi, and the new Decade Review.

We-Envision is an innovative collaboration of two separate software companies (Open Door Networks and Project A). The mission of We-Envision is the design, development and deployment of the best independent software solutions for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. Open Door Networks, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Alan Oppenheimer, co-creator of AppleTalk, the original network system for the Macintosh. Open Door is a leading provider of Internet solutions for Apple products. Project A, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Jim Teece and is a leading developer of 100% database-driven websites deployed for clients world-wide. Both companies are located in Ashland, Oregon. Copyright (C) 2009 We-Envision. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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