earthlingsoft release Rechnungs Checker 1.14

January 10, 2010 in Financial (F)

[] Aachen, Germany - earthlingsoft released version 1.14 of Rechnungs Checker, their Mac OS X application to read and analyse itemised phone bills by phone companies in the U.K. and Germany. The updated version adds support for itemised phone bills by O2 in the U.K. It drops support for the old Mac OS X 10.3 and updates several of its features to make use of improved technologies in more recent Mac OS X versions.

In particular it natively supports 64-bit processors and comes with a cleaner and larger icon. Many aspects of the user interface, such as the preferences window, the filter field and the terminology used, have been updated to match standard used in current versions of Mac OS X. In addition, more settings made by the user in one document are now automatically transferred to documents opened later on.

Rechnungs Checker was first published by earthlingsoft in 2003 to work around the shortcomings of Deutsche Telekom's online billing site and provide a tool for analysing and splitting up phone bills that has a native Mac OS X experience and offer conveniences such as automatically looking up phone numbers in the Mac's Address Book as well as quick access to Google look-ups for unknown phone numbers.

Year after year support for other phone companies was added, with Rechnungs Checker supporting the file formats for O2 and BT in the UK as well as Skype Out, Deutsche Telekom, O2 Germany, Arcor and NetCologne. earthlingsoft welcome suggestions for supporting additional file formats.

Founded in 1998 in Gottingen and Aachen, earthlingsoft are Sven-S. Porst and Steffen Kamp creating nice Mac applications to scratch some itches they had themselves. They have been publishing Mac software for over a decade. Starting with SETI Checker in 1998, they now offer a wide range of specialised utility applications ranging from UnicodeChecker which is a must-have for people doing advanced work with text to Symmetries which makes creation of strictly symmetric graphics fun. These are complemented by utility applications like the upcoming birthday reminder GeburtstagsChecker or Earth Addresser which visualises the homes of the friends in your Address Book in Google Earth.